Vooz character system is a special set of animation used in the last episodes of Pucca Funny Love and all the episodes of the animated series.

The improvements brought about by this new system to episodes of pucca was reflected in an impressive display of 3D graphics and stunning lighting effects with support from the Maya software with which this system has

Unlike flash animation shows the system more dynamic and even physical effects on several episodes of the series, making scenes that Adobe Flash would have been quite complex or impossible to achieve

Undoubtedly this new system brought the world of a modern air pucca it is based on the latest technologies of computer animation, by the time the Korean company is working on other projects apart from what the pucca world. Another project that the make called Myo & Ga, that try of the adventure of a turtle names ga that is trying to find the cure for his turtle god . he had to go to the surface were he meet a bunny called Myo who help him in his adventures. Also they have a comic 2 comics named Mudio project and Dory and Boogy. Also they have a project named Dooby and Rooby Rolling bears.thumb|300px|right

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