1. who is Garu's father? 2. who are Pucca's real parents? 3. who were Ching's and abyo's mothers? 4. Who was the real founder of sooga village? 5. how did master soo get guardianship of sooga village ? 6.who killed Garu's father? 7. how did Pucca and Garu met Ching and Abyo? 8.How did ring-ring met pucca and Garu? did Soso met Pucca,garu,abyo and ching? 10. how did Tobe gets his Ninjas? (in the episode ninjas on strike there are a few ninjas?) 11. could there been other villains planning to take over sooga village? 12. What would happen if Garu had full honor? 13. could there been other alternate versions of Pucca and friends including fairy tale versions? 14. Would both Pucca and Garu combine their powers to save sooga village and the world from villians?