Its been at least 2 years since I watched the last episode of Pucca season 2. And the episode was " Skip to my Loo", an episode with no connection with Pucca and the gang. Borrrrriiiinnnnggggg.... It is a real shame there aren't any new Pucca episodes for Jetix was forced to shut down ( so as they say ), many Pucca fans around the world are starting to lose hope, getting tired to wait any longer. Me? I sustain myself by watching the old episodes every now and then. Since my summer vacation has started, maybe I try to make more Pucca stories to spent my vacations to the fullest. Hmmmm.... I really wosh there will be more episodes in the future,cause I still want to catch up with Pucca and Garu and their never tiring Funny Love Story.

You with me people??? =^-^=


Pucca,Ching,Kua and my fan character, Sabina, all dressed in "Winx Forms" XD


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