As some viewers may have noticed, there has been a increase lately in the amount of false information that has been added to pages on this wiki. I would like to personally thank users like Buhodulce97 who have been vigilant and helpful in removing this content so quickly and allowing us to keep the Pucca Wiki accurate. However, as the content continues to stem from the anonymous users which the wiki has previously allowed to make edits, I feel as if it is for the best interest of the Pucca Wiki community to prevent such continuous actions to occur. Be aware that these have not be isolated cases and that, when asked to verify the information added, no one came forth with credible sources to prove their accuracy. Though we strive to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, these instances could only be viewed as vandalism which the Pucca wiki has had frequent issues with in the past.

What I'm saying is, due to the amount of vandalism by anonymous users, this wiki is now closed to anonymous edits. Now, in order to make changes to any content on the Wiki, users must be logged in to an account. I encourage people to make changes and improvements to this community, but in doing so, they must be relevant and canon to the Pucca universe and its productions. Anything else is considered fan work and thus is not acceptable to this site. There may well be other sites on the internet which are better outlets for such fan-based creativity, but this is not one of them.

I apologize to the users who have used their anonymous accounts to improve Pucca in a way that has been helpful and much appreciated; this change may seem like an inconvenience, but I urge you to create registered accounts on Wikia and continue to visit this site as much as you please. But for those who have abused such accounts, be warned that contributors can and may be blocked or suspended if they are found to be abusing the wiki through registered accounts as well. These decisions will be made in accordance to the Pucca:Rules page which can be seen from the homepage of this site.

For anyone with further questions or concerns regarding this change to contribution allowance, please leave a note on my message board. I would like to know your views.

Thank you for your understanding.