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    • Garu and Pucca can now talk in their minds unlike the pucca tv show
    • in the pucca series Garu has collected a lot of honner. in ninja garu Garu has done about 9000 honner deads
    • it's unkown in ninja garu if the most of the 2006 pucca cast will return.
    • ever snice my little pony friendship is magic Sudio B is now called DHX media also be cause of MLP friendship is magic the Pucca series hasn't been work on.
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    Ninja Garu Cast

    February 18, 2015 by FandomLTZ

    Garu - Brian Drummond

    Pucca - tabitha st germain


    Tobe - lee tockar

    Tobe's ninjas - voices unkown

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    1. Jade village Master soo moves Garu and pucca to jade village but the villages of Jade village are acting werid.

    2. Power up of Purple Tobe gets a power up and use his power up on Garu until Garu gets his own power up.

    3. cabbage village Pucca and Garu arrive at Cabbage village Pucca and Garu start missing go-rong noodles later Pucca and garu go berserk because the town eats nothing but cabbage raw and cooked they escape cabbage village and head for sooga village.

    4. almost to sooga village

    Garu and Pucca arrive in fooga village wich turns out to be the Rival town of sooga village.

    5. Comming home Garu and Pucca return to sooga village but a familiar enemy has takin over sooga village.

    6. a new enemy A rich boy named greedy greens tries to takā€¦

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