It is 1912 and Sooga people goes to a trip in a vessel, but they don't know that Tobe wants to sink the vessel.

Unsinkable Pucca
Season 3, Episode 2, Part 2
Air date March 14, 2008
Written by Johnny John-John Kearns
Directed by Dan Hughes
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Trial by Fury
Break My Day


  • It seems that Pucca is taller than Abyo as when she kisses him, Abyo is a little small.
  • The episode takes place in 1912 which means that Pucca born in 1901 and Garu born in 1900 in this episode.


  • It is impossible for a boat to pull a vessel.
  • After the vessel avoids the iceberg, the iceberg top is on the front meaning that underwater it is placed above of the windshield. But instead it is showing 8 windows and the windshield is on a side.
  • Soso disappears from the vessel view point stick several times.
  • When the iceberg goes up, the iceberg seems to goes up to the left side of the vessel. But in the next scene, it is goes up to the right side of the vessel, when Soso yells "starboard iceberg" meaning that the iceberg goes up to the left side of the vessel again. But when the iceberg begins to sink, the iceberg sinks to the right side of the vessel.
  • If this episode takes place in Belgium, why Officer Bruce has a British police outfit?
  • If this episode takes place in 1912, why Pucca pulls a 1960s modern yacht with a 1950s battery piano?


  • Titanic- The entire episode is a spoof on Titanic because the vessel crashes with an iceberg and sinks, all the people begin to scream and cry when the vessel begins to sink and Garu and Pucca takes the roles of Jack and Rose.

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