Tobe wants to use the power of the fortune cookies to destroy Garu

Unfortunate Cookies
Season 1, Episode 14B
Air date February 2, 2007
Written by Johnny John-John Kearns
Directed by Dan Hughes
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On a bright morning, Master Turtle writes out the day’s fortune cookies and scatters them across Sooga Village for everyone to enjoy. Santa and Abyo both test their fortunes but find that disobeying the advice has unpleasant consequences. Garu takes his fortune to heart and, armed with a hand-held vacuum cleaner, heads off for the day. Pucca’s fortune promises a kiss if she can find the “perfect gift” and excitedly runs off to get a present for Garu.

Back at Turtle’s home, the master is ambushed by Tobe and his Ninjas who want him to write a special fortune in the sake of revenge. Turtle is forced to write it and when Tobe’s ninja reads it, he goes up in smoke to Tobe’s delight (while the rest of his less-than-genius minions can’t resist reading it too). Tobe hand delivers the destructive cookie to Garu’s door, but it’s intercepted by Pucca who decides she will give it to Garu for her fortune. Oblivious to her intentions, Tobe follows the girl around to retrieve his revenge pastry but finds trouble as he’s clubbed by Abyo and Ching, shredded by the Vagabond’s weasels, and flushed down the disposal by Dada while Pucca continues to hunt for Garu.

Pucca Funny Love Season 1-Ep14-Pt2-Unfortunate Cookies-0

Pucca Funny Love Season 1-Ep14-Pt2-Unfortunate Cookies-0

She eventually finds him at Turtle’s house, fighting off Tobe’s ninjas and she promptly presents him with the cookie. Tobe watches gleefully as Garu accepts the gift, breaks it, and then extracts his fortune. However, rather than reading it, Garu simply eats the cookie and throws the paper away. Outraged, Tobe confronts him over this and shows how one must read the fortune properly, only to suffer the effects of his own trick and turns to ash (promptly being vacuumed up by the fortune-prepared Garu).

Master Turtle thanks Garu for the rescue and lectures Tobe of the magic within his cookies, handing one to Pucca whose fortune results in an extravagant kiss just like was predicated.

Cookies Predictions

  • Santa: Look before you leap
  • Abyo: When yawning always cover mouth
  • Garu: Always be prepared to clean up your battles
  • Pucca: Finding the perfect gift will resolve in a kiss
  • Tobe: He who reads this fortune shall explode
  • Pucca:The one you are looking for is near