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The chefs of the Goh-Rong Chinese restaurant, and Pucca's guardians. They cook jajang noodles as a team, with Linguini twisting the noodles, Uncle Dumpling chopping up the vegetables, and Ho heating up the dishes with his bare hands. They hold their noodles in very high regard, and possess a culinary honor system.

In Chef Slump, it is revealed the chef brothers are actually quite adept in athletics and martial arts (but in a cooking matter). The trio was able to hold their own against attacking ninjas in Chef-Napped Uncle Dumpling, for example, can handle his knives like swords. The chefs cook the best noodles in Soogaly Hills and, possibly, the world. It is revealed in Pucca episode Tomb It May Concern that Uncle Dumpling, Ho and Linguini are Pucca's uncles.

They often have the last word in episodes, and usually burst out laughing right after.

Voiced by: Jeff Glen Bennett (Ho), Tom Kenny (Uncle Dumpling) and Tom Kane (Linguini).