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Pucca Location
Turtle Training Hall
Type Dojo
Location Sooga Village
Owner Chang
Inhabitants Chang (home owner)
Ching (home owner)
Garu (customer)
Abyo (customer)
First episode Ping Pong Pucca

The Turtle Training Hall is where Garu, Ching, and Abyo train. It doubles as Chang and his daughter Ching's house.


Season One

In Ping Pong Pucca, after Abyo nearly makes Garu lose the ping pong match against Tobe, Chang tells Pucca that she was the only person who could save Garu and the village from the terrible loss since he and everyone else but Muji lost against Garu and Abyo. He takes her to the dojo to train her and after she gained the necessary skills, she returned to the tournament and helped Garu win.


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