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Appearing in episode The Choo Choo Trouble, He is the train boarded by Garu to take him to the Valley of the Seven Soos where Master Loo resides. The train, himself is alive and enjoys driving fast both by Santa's admonishment to it to take it easy on the ride there and its own apparent delight at the chance to speed up.

His conductor is Santa and its engineer is Dada, though Pucca shows an ability to work the controls as well. Despite being alive, he has no ability to speed up or stop himself as if he might glow red, speed up, rattle, and fall apart, being completely reliant upon the people controlling the fuel, though he can blow steam from the wheels at will when upset.


  • He is a parody of Thomas from Thomas and Friends.
  • His wheel arrangement is an eight wheeler because he is an 0-8-0 engine.
  • The Train contains a tender engine that pull 4 passenger cars and a caboose. He also has a dinning car, black tie only, and a luggage compartment.

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