Toon Garu is an alternate universe version of Garu who appears in Tame That Toon. Like his counterpart, he is constantly on the run from Toon Pucca. When Ring Ring enters their reality and attempts to erase Toon Pucca, Toon Garu gets in the way and is accidentally erased. This removes the Real Garu from reality as well. Pucca eventually follows Ring Ring to their universe and turns back the film real to stop Ring Ring from erasing him.

He appears on the movie screen being watched by Garu as both boys run from, and are subsequently kissed by, their respective Pucca's.


  • His first and only appearance is in Tame That Toon.
  • Though he laughs when Toon Pucca crashes into a wall after failing to catch him, he seems to be moving over to help her just before Ring Ring's second attempt to erase him.