The Vagabond Ninja Clan

A trio of gypsy thieves. They mostly perform petty crimes, and sometimes assist Tobe in trying to bring Garu down. They are also recurring background characters and seem to get along with the rest of the town when they aren't plotting something.



14 years old, is the female boss of the Vagabond Ninja Clan, and in love with Tobe. In Evil Love, she even succeeded in marrying Tobe while he was under the influence of Cupid's last arrow. In 4 Eyes, 2 Minds she became intelligent because of Turtle's glasses. She also tried to kiss Tobe and calls him "darling". Chief is the smartest of the Vagabonds. She wears on her back what appear to be twin Kodachi. She is sometimes seen hanging out with Ching and Ring Ring.

Voiced by: Shannon Chan (English) Naomi Inoue (Japanese)


15 years old, he was kicked out of the circus for not being able to laugh (although in Misplaced Face he was seen laughing at Abyo and in Soap Opera he is seen laughing at Ring Ring). He often has random twitches and muscle spasms and usually ends with an "eh" when he tries to laugh (he could do better, eh?).

Voiced by: Bill Mondy (English) Kenji Nojima (Japanese)


14 1/2 years old, he is a fat, bungling magician whose spells almost never turn out correctly. But in Chicken Spots and Big Top Bang Bang, they worked. In 4 Eyes - 2 Minds, Shaman said that Turtle may be smart, but they are "wise guys" (as in smart-mouthed). He may have been just telling a joke.

Voiced by: Louis Chirillo (English) Masami Kikuchi (Japanese)