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The Usual Ching


Lyn hart

Story by

Alian Matz

Teleplay by

Colin Yardley and Larry Raskin



Doga's Sock turns Ching evil doing bad things and blame them on Pucca.


Santa acidentally puts Doga's sock in Ching's clothes and she becomes evil. For being evil, Ching does bad things and blames it on Pucca.

Garu and Abyo are fighting but their weapons are broken and Ching lies in the moment. She begins to cause problems in the village and she says it was Pucca who did it. Pucca starts to chase evil Ching around the village until the sock comes off,but the evil of the sock influences on Pucca. Policeman Bruce arrests the evil sock. While in the other place, Doga is acting like a good person and frolicks in the meadow with cute animals because of Ching's good sock.


  • Garu and Abyo only appear in one scene.
  • Pucca opens her eyes for the first and only time.

Characters Edit

Protagonist Edit

  1. Pucca
  2. Ching
  3. Bruce

Antagonist Edit

  1. Doga Sock

Minor Edit

  1. Uncle Dumpling
  2. Linguini
  3. Ho


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