Goddess of Baby Deliveries






Delivering babies, most notably the Baby New Year

A deity who is responsible for bringing Baby New Year to Sooga Village to replace Father Time in the episode No Year's Eve. Shortly after she rang the doorbell, the baby was taken away by Muji's zombies. Master Soo greets her as "Hot stuff" at the door, but after hearing the baby is missing, he quickly goes back inside. The Deity isn't happy about not being invited in.

Later, in the episode It's a Ring Ring Thing, she appears at a salon where she offers to give Ring Ring a new hairstyle and takes abuse from one of Ring Ring's temper flares. She only appears in No Year's Eve as a goddess and It's a Ring Ring Thing like a stylist.


  • She has a strong Asian dialect, pronouncing her 'R's like 'W's

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