When Garu is given a bad-luck tie for his birthday, Pucca must find the cure or the ninja may be driven from town forever.

The Cursed Tie
Season 1, Episode 3A
Thecursed tie
Air date October 2, 2006
Written by Mug Erskine-Kellie
Storyboard Dennis Crawford
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"The Cursed Tie" is the first segment of the third episode of the television show Pucca. It first aired October 2, 2006.


Garu is celebrating his birthday in the Goh-Rong Restaurant and everybody gives him a present, though most of them are nearly-identical swords. He receives a mystery present, a strange polka-dot tie, and is encouraged to try it on by the crowd. When Garu puts the tie on, Pucca takes a picture of him, but the photo accidentally hits him, then the chefs appear and hit him with the door before they give him his birthday cake.

Pucca, worried about this, goes to Master Soo's palace. When Master Soo sees Garu's photo, he immediately knows that the tie is a cursed tie that can only be removed with a feather of the pink-bellied crane, but unfortunately the bird is apparently extinct. Pucca doesn't lose hope and starts the search for the bird.

Meanwhile, Garu continues to be plagued by misfortune as his house

Pucca Funny Love Season 1-Ep3-Pt1-The Cursed Tie-0

Pucca Funny Love Season 1-Ep3-Pt1-The Cursed Tie-0

explodes around him. Tobe arrives and admits that the gift was from him, a cursed tie to bring Garu eternal bad luck while Tobe watches his suffering. Later, when Garu enters the village, his own bad luck cause problems for other people, leading to him being approached by Officer Bruce who asks him to leave. Garu agrees to this and leaves the village for the safety of everyone. As Garu wanders on, still finding trouble everywhere, Pucca hunts through the jungles in search of the bird. She at last finds one, but it uses its grotesque breath to escape her capture, though she gives chase. She eventually captures it in her net and releases it only after obtaining some feathers which she uses to cure Garu. Tobe arrives, outraged at this development and Pucca sneaks the tie onto him instead. He begs her for the feather and she gives it to him, though attached to a rocket. He's carried into the sky and explodes into beautiful fireworks while Pucca catches Garu into a kiss.