It's up to Garu to deliver a present to Master Soo's brother, Loo. He goes in a train and Pucca goes in the train. Pucca causes trouble when she puts much coal and the people's presents to the train get faster. She gets more shocked when she see the road's like a roller coaster and Tobe's helpers explode the bridge. Pucca puts more coal and the people's presents to the train jump in the exploded bridge. Garu arrives at time to deliver Master Soo's present to Master Loo and he finds that's lizards. Garu plays the vase away and Pucca drags Garu back to the train where she kisses Garu.

The Choo Choo Trouble
Season 2, Episode 13, Part 1
Air date May 11, 2007
Written by Johnny John-John Kearns
Directed by Dan Hughes
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Soap Opera
Pucca Goes Dutch


  • Pucca Funny Love Season 1-Ep26-Pt2-The Choo Choo Trouble08:31

    Pucca Funny Love Season 1-Ep26-Pt2-The Choo Choo Trouble

    Thomas and Friends- Santa Claus is dressed as Sir Topham Hatt and the train Pucca and Garu took have a face.
  • The engine is actually one of the friends of Thomas the Tank Engine. He is an 0-8-0 tender engine. These types of engines actually bear close resemblences to some LNWR Super D 0-8-0 7F Tender Engines.


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