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Garu falls into Switzerland and a girl named Heidi falls in love with him. She wants to get married but Pucca stops them and grabs Garu from the wedding.

Swiss Kiss
Season 1, Episode 16, Part 2
Air date December 8, 2006
Written by Johnny John-John Kearns
Directed by Dan Hughes
Episode guide
Misplaced Face
Big Top Bang Bang


Garu tries to escape Pucca's kiss, but is stopped by Officer Bruce, who tells them that are disturbing the peace. Garu gets into his helicopter with him but Pucca follows. She tries to kiss Garu but she spills Bruce's coffee.

As he loses his patience over his lost coffee, he forgets to watch where he's going and they end up over Switzerland. Garu takes advantage of the situation to escape Pucca. However, he runs into a girl named Heidi, who instantly falls and loves and wants to marry him.

Pucca Funny Love Season 1-Ep12-Pt2-Swiss Kiss08:33

Pucca Funny Love Season 1-Ep12-Pt2-Swiss Kiss


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