Everyone has a party at the beach, but Muji wants to ruin it.

Surf Ninjas
Season 1, Episode 17B
Air date February 23, 2007
Written by Johnny John-John Kearns
Directed by Dan Hughes
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On a sunny tropical beach, the Hawaiian-universe villagers enjoy a luau. Pucca doing a hula, offers Garu a Lai, but he escapes her. The chefs, hosting a clam-and-noodle back, perform their own hula with Santa on guitar and Master Soo leading limbo. Out on the waves, Garu (known as Garu-bunga, the Big Ninja-huna) wows them with his expertise at surfing, though Abyo declares he could do better.

Their party is interrupted, however, by the arrival of Muji and his Zombie surfers who declares that he now owns the beach. The other flee in fear, but Pucca holds her ground along with Garu and Abyo, prompting a battle between the zombies and the ninjas. To settle the matter, Muji calls for a surf-off for ownership of the beach and Abyo and Garu accept.

Pucca Funny Love Season 1-Ep17-Pt2-Surf Ninjas

Pucca Funny Love Season 1-Ep17-Pt2-Surf Ninjas

The competition is going well for the ninja-side until Muji, with help from his Shark-turned-Surfing-board, knocks Abyo out of the race and straight into Pucca’s latest sand sculpture. He then goes after Garu, having his monster chomp away at his board until he almost falls off. Pucca, angry now, plunges into the ocean in a cannon ball that wipes out the remaining zombies and launches Muji right into the jaws of his own abused shark.

The beach is theirs once more and the villager cheer as Pucca rides onto shore with Garu, planting him into the ground like a surfboard and planting a kiss on him to his annoyance.