It's Pucca's birthday, but in their attempts to hide her party, it appears that everyone has forgotten her. It's up to Garu to both distract the birthday girl and to cheer her up.

Slam, Bam Birthday Bash
Season 1, Episode 6C
Air date October 30, 2006
Written by Alain Matz
Storyboard Cory Evans
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"Slam, Bam Birthday Bash" is the third segment of the sixth episode of the television show Pucca. It first aired October 30, 2006.


Pucca is out on a delivery run, passing out cartons of noodles to everyone on the street who wish her a happy birthday. At the Goh-Rong, her family and friends are preparing a surprise party for her, but must be sure she doesn’t return too early thus Garu is drafted to distract her from coming back. Just as he’s unwillingly pushed out onto the front porch, Pucca arrives and tries to kiss him which he avoids. She fantasizes about a birthday party for her inside and, ignoring Garu, barges in. Everyone manages to hide the party from her and she’s disappointed that she can find no one. She come to the conclusion that the party might instead be at Ching’s house and runs over there, followed closely by Garu.

Pucca Funny Love Season 1-Ep6-Pt3-Slam Bam Birthday Bash-0

Pucca Funny Love Season 1-Ep6-Pt3-Slam Bam Birthday Bash-0

Eventually, Pucca makes her way to Tobe’s base, possibly concluding he’d kidnapped her friends, and storms inside. She sees something that makes her blush and quickly walk away with a dejected look. Garu follows, seeming concerned for her, and also sees Tobe and his missions who try to attack them. Garu prepares to fight, but finds his sword replaced by a plunger. Tobe gloats over how embarrassing that is, until he realizes that he and his ninjas are wearing only their underwear and run away. Pucca, not paying attention to any of this, is crying to herself over a lack of a party. Garu compassionately reaches out a hand to her, but she runs away.

Sometime later, Garu has tracked Pucca to a waterfall. He looks up and sees the water is actually Pucca’s massive tears as she cries on the side of a cliff. Noticing that its time for her party to start, he tries to catch her attention, but she blasts him away with the power of her sobs. He must think of a way to get her to come along and realizes he has to be affectionate which disgusts and terrifies him. Swallowing his pride, he reluctantly blows her a kiss. This immediately cheers her up and she follows after him as he runs straight for the restaurant. Upon his arrival, the chefs hide him beneath a tablecloth before Pucca bursts in. Everyone jumps out and cheers for her, delighting the girl as she’s presented with a massive gift. She unwraps it and finds Garu hiding inside. She immediately jumps on him and returns his earlier kiss as he tries to escape her.


Tobe: Ninjas atta...[clears throat]..ATTACK!  


  • Garu tried to comfort Pucca 2 times. One in front of Tobe's house, next is when Pucca is crying outside before she ran off.
  • Garu blew a kiss to Pucca for the very first time.
  • Pucca imagined Ring Ring to greet her in her birthday, but she wasn't present in the actual party.