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The Shirtless Avenger is Abyo's alter ego that fights for justice. Unfortunately he goes overboard and captures innocent people, he arrests many people for various crimes .e.g. searching for too much knowledge or littering. His partner and idol the

Abyo as the Shirtless Avenger

Slammin Ramen Swordsman tells him that he is taking it a bit too far but is ignored. It seems Abyo is the only one who can see the Slammin Ramen Swordsman. In the end everyone ends up in jail. His enemy is Noodle Girl (Pucca) who frees the people of Sooga Village at the end of an episode.


His clothes are a parody of Power Rangers and are the same outfit the Slammin Ramen Swordsman but without the shirt.


Same as Abyo as they are technically the same person. His moves are basic martial arts.


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