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Samba of Doom is the episode 29c of the Pucca TV series.
Samba of Doom
Season 3, Episode 3, Part 2
Air date March 14, 2008
Written by Johnny John-John Kearns
Directed by Dan Hughes
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Plot Summary

Pucca and the gang go on a trip to Brazil, and joins a samba contest.


  • The episode takes place in Brazil, Rio De Janeiro.


  • Soccer is British, not Brazilian.
  • When all Brazil is shown at the beginning, the Rio De Janeiro statue is missing.
  • When Pucca gasps for watching Garu and Soso dancing cappoeira, there is a man making sand castles. In the close-up of Abyo, the man disappears, the man reappears when Abyo begins to dance cappoeira.
  • When Brazil parade begins to parade, Pucca is on the right and Ching is on the left. When the camera zooms they swapped places.
  • When Brazil parade begins to parade, there are men playing drums in a horizontal line. But in the next scene, the men are in a vertical line.

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