Ring Ring decides to sabotage Pucca's party after her's was on the same night .

Ring Ring's Party Favours
Season 1, Episode 13C
Air date December 31, 2006
Written by Colin Yardley
Larry Raskin
Storyboard Marlon Deane
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Ring Ring's Party Favors is the third segment of the thirteenth episode of the television show Pucca. It first aired December 31, 2006.


Ring Ring has a TV commercial to invite guests for her party, but excluded Pucca for no reason. Because of this, the chefs hands out invitations for a party on Pucca's behalf, and the guests come to Pucca's party instead.

When hearing this (and not knowing she had been invited), Ring Ring tries to sabotage Pucca's party three times but it backfires each time and everyone adores it. Yuni pesters Ring Ring with an envelope containing her invitation each attempt, but she shoos Yuni away. Ring Ring gets angry when she sees that the guests are happy for the last time, and after several attempts to sabotage Pucca's party, eventually has a meltdown, turning autistic. Pucca and Ring Ring fight with each other, ending with Ring-Ring using a high E to explode the Goh-Rong, Pucca's hair bands snap off in theprocess. The final attack is both girls pulling each other's hair. Yuni comes up to Ring Ring, who finally opens the letter, and found out that not only had she been invited, but Pucca had even tried to make sure she didn't have her party on the same night..

Feeling guilty, Ring Ring uses the hot sauce to make everyone dance and have fun again.

Pucca Funny Love Season 1-Ep13-Pt3-Ring Ring's Party Favours-0

Pucca Funny Love Season 1-Ep13-Pt3-Ring Ring's Party Favours-0