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Ring Ring attempts get rid of Puccapatra and become "The cutest girl in Egypt".
Season 2, Episode 1A
Air date March 7, 2008
Written by Johnny John-John Kearns
Directed by Dan Hughes
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"Puccapatra" is the first segment of the twenty-seventh episode of the Pucca television series. It first aired March 7, 2008.


In her castle by the Nile in the Egypt, Ring Ring admires how beautiful she is. However, she’s quickly corrected by Santa that it is actually Puccapatra who’s “the number one cutie in Ancient Egypt.” Enraged, Ring Ring decides she must do away with Puccapatra. In town, Pucca is chasing after Garu who tries to hide behind a tent. She corners him and moves in for a kiss only to have him substitute a scarab beetle. She leaves in annoyance, much to his delight.

Aside from Garu, everyone in town admires Pucca’s cuteness while Ring Ring prepares her plot. Disguising herself, she invites Pucca into a salon for a beauty treatment and, declaring she’ll be getting a mud mask, coats the girl all over in mud and trapping her in a sarcophagus. However, Pucca’s beauty is too much to contain and the casing shatters while the goblins happily carry the beautiful girl away. Ring Ring is shocked by this and accidentally traps herself in a similar coffin. Santa release her and offers another idea.

For her next ploy, Ring Ring visits Seth the God of Chaos for help and he gives her an “Ugly Stick” which will reduce anything it strikes to a hideous form. Pucca evades her attempt to strike her and in the midst of the battle, both a camel and Yani are struck by the stick. In her anger, Ring Ring accidentally breaks her staff and the cursed portion of it smacks her, turning her ugly. She hides her head in the sand, refusing to come out until she gets a facial.

After having fixed her makeup, Santa offers her one more clue: if Garu was gone, Pucca would stop smiling. Using her Yang form, Ring Ring sets out to find him. Abyo and Garu are collecting fish (and hippos) from the Nile when Ring Ring strikes. She chases after the pigtailed boy and finally catches him, trapping him at a temple and preparing a spell to vaporize him. Pucca detects the mystic arts and, seeing Garu in danger, runs in to his rescue before he can be struck. Enraged, the two girls do battle and Ring Ring summons the Sphinx to obey her commends. The statue, now a living creature, goes after Pucca, but she distracts it with a stone carving of a fish.

Ring Ring tries to order the best around, but it becomes angry with her and bates her away. She ends up crashing into her castle and the entire building falls apart. Santa lists what it is that Pucca has over Ring Ring and ends up beaten for it. Meanwhile, Pucca finally catches Garu for a moonlight kiss.

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