Garu and Pucca must restart the Northern lights or Iglooga Village will be destroyed by the Yeti monster.

Northern Lights Out
Season 1, Episode 10B
Air date December 2, 2006
Written by Jeff Wastila
Storyboard Steve Whitehouse
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"Tis the Season for Revenge"
"Secret Santa"

"Northern Lights Out" is the second segment of the tenth episode of the television show Pucca. It first aired December 2, 2006.


It’s an average day in the icy Iglooga village (an Alaskan-universe version of Sooga) until the Northern Lights suddenly disappear. Without them, Iglooga could be attacked at any moment by a terrible snow beast; thus, Garu is chosen to relight them at the source, with Pucca tagging along of course.

Not far into the journey, the dog sled comes across an angry polar bear that attacks Garu. Before he can be eaten, the bear falls in love with a snow-bear constructed by Pucca and when he jumps to kiss her, is knocked unconscious by the rock hidden within. Meanwhile, the snow-beast arrives at the village, destroying houses and sending the villages running. Abyo stands to fight, but is easily plowed into the now.

As Pucca and Garu escape an ice cavern, the Snow Beast arrives at the police station, inadvertently freeing the Vagabonds until his attention is drawn to Ching,

Pucca Funny Love Season 1-Ep10-Pt2-Northern Lights Out-0

Pucca Funny Love Season 1-Ep10-Pt2-Northern Lights Out-0

ready for a fight. Abyo interrupts again and is once again shown no mercy as the monster takes him out and continues on its way.

Back with Garu, the increasing snowstorm has made it impossible for the dogs to continue onwards. Luckily, Pucca is more than capable to take over, pulling the sleigh and all its occupants on their way. Ching and Abyo flee the snow-man, taking cover inside various igloos. Abyo gives away their location and while Ching escapes, Abyo again challenges the beast. He’s soundly flattened.

The Pucca-sled finally arrives at their destination: the lighthouse. Garu tries everything he can think of, yet the lighthouse refuses to turn back on. It’s Pucca who finally discovers the true issue: Santa, whose exercise was supposed to be powering the lights, finally caught his candy-cane bait and had stopped pedaling. Garu quickly reattaches the lure and with the power source back to work, the lights return. The snow beast, just about to demolish the icy Goh-Rong, returns to the humble form of Dada and the day is saved. The chefs happily admire the northern lights where the shadow of Pucca kissing Garu (from the top of the lighthouse) can be seen.