Season 1, Episode 14A
Air date January 15, 2007
Written by Johnny John-John Kearns
Directed by Dan Hughes
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Pucca and friends go the age of dinosaurs. Pucca season 1 episode 14 part 2.


Pucca, Ching, Garu and Ssoso are on the playground trying to enjoy the merry-go-round, but Abyo can’t spin it fast enough to satisfy them. Pucca takes a turn, but the strength of her push spins the group to a different place, almost being crushed by a herd of dinosaurs and they realize they’ve ended up back in time. Ssoso is carried off by a giant mosquito and ends up in a nest where one of its eggs is knocked to the ground. The other hatches to reveal a baby pterodactyl.

The rest of the ninjas, seeing an asteroid coming, set out to grab Sosso and escape before they’re wiped out with the dinosaurs. They’re swiftly attacked by a group of early humans, but thanks to a distraction provided by Pucca they escape (and set in motion human evolution).

Pucca Funny Love Season 1-Ep14-Pt1-Ninjasaurus-0

Pucca Funny Love Season 1-Ep14-Pt1-Ninjasaurus-0

Back with Ssoso, the mother pterodactyl believes he’s one of her children, unaware that her second child is down below, and accepts him as family. The others arrive at the cliff and Ching finds the missing egg, giving it to Abyo to carry up the mountain, who then bums it off to Garu. The boys make it up to Ssoso and while the mother is angry with their intrusion, she’s quickly distracted by her hatching egg. Realizing Ssoso isn’t her child, she knocks all three ninjas off the cliff.

The group is reunited, but must flee a Tyrannosaurus Rex, unable to make it to the emery-go-round before the impact. The asteroid, however, turns out to be harmless, thus not what killed the dinosaurs (which is in fact germs as a sneeze from Abyo spreads a cold across the land that slays them instantly). The T-Rex still comes after them and makes it to the merry-go-round just as Pucca spins the group backwards. They reach the present day, now forbidding Pucca to push again, but are horrified to find their fringe has merged with the dinosaur, her head on its body. Yet, in typical Pucca fashion, she sets off after Garu.

Elsewhere, the rest of the dinosaur appears, its head on Pucca’s body. It tries to growl menacingly, but the weight of its cranium on such tiny shoulders flips it into a headstand, sighing pitifully.