"Monster Truck Island" is the episode highlights environmental awareness and the broadcast premiere coincided with Earth Day.

Monster Truck Island
Season 3, Episode 7, Part 2
Air date April 25, 2008
Written by Johnny John-John Kearns
Directed by Dan Hughes
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Sooga Village gets another visit from Tex Lugie and Sloppy Sue, the large and loud tourists who first appeared in Sooga Size Me. This time they've arrived in a huge leaky oil tanker and set up an Sport Utility Vehicle factory, selling their gas-guzzling behemoths to the Sooga residents by seducing them with "that new car smell." To support the village's new appetite for fuel, Tex and Sue follow up with oil drilling rigs scattered throughout Sooga. When the environment falls victim to pollution and global warming, it's up to Pucca to save the day!

Pucca takes to the SUV-clogged streets in her shiny new pedal-powered car. With the help of best friend Ching as well as Santa and his reindeer-powered sleigh, they manage to run Tex and Sue's SUV into a mud pit. However, the SUV transforms into a new giant robot and goes on a rampage through Sooga in pursuit of Pucca. She is able to stop the robot by turning on her radio, but her success is short-lived because her car battery suddenly dies. Pucca comes up with a new strategy, tripping up the robot and destroying it. Tex and Sue are forced to eject from the robot and leave the island.

Although the visitors are now gone, Sooga Village has a new problem-- a glut of unwanted SUVs. Pucca solves the issue by creating a drive-in theater using stripped-down SUVs as seating. Pucca's clever reuse efforts are duly rewarded when she gets plenty of kissy-face with Garu on movie night.


  • This episode is a sequel of Sooga Size Me.
  • The pedal car Pucca drives is a Volkswagen 'Fusca'.
  • The SUV resembles a Hummer truck.


  • At the beginning, when the chiefs are first seen Ho wasn't holding a net. But when Dumpling catches a fish, a net appeared.
  • Tex and Sue previously introduced them in Sooga Size Me but they introduce themselves again.
  • The SUVs have upper wipers. Real SUVs have down wipers.
  • There would be a solar heating in Sooga because of much oil and smoke.
  • The left side wiper is pointing to the left after the reindeer pooped on the windshield, but when the SUV sinks on the mud the wiper is pointing to the right.
  • The wheels change on the SUV


  • The episode title is reference to both Monster Island and Monster Truck.
  • Transformers- Tex and Sue' SUV transforms into a robot which is a reference to Transformers, Plus, the robot is evil which means he is a Decepticon.
  • Gundam Wing- The SUV robot version looks like Zaku II.