Season 1, Episode 19B
Air date March 9, 2007
Written by Steve Sullivan
Directed by Dan Hughes
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When Muji claims a the maple trees in the forest, Garu must do battle with him to protect it.


In the frosty forests of Canada, Ranger Pucca and Ching are searching for maple syrup while Garu and Abyo are showing off their tree-chopping skills, to Ching’s annoyance. Just as the group manages to find a good amount of syrup, Muji arrives, claiming the entire forest and its syrup is for him alone. The others protest this and he challenges Garu (to Abyo’s disappointment) to a lumberjack chop-off for ownership of the forest. Abyo is confident the ninja can win until Muji pulls out a chainsaw and starts hacking away at every tree in sight. Not pleased with his cheating, Pucca steps in, launching a giant rock from the top of the mountain that lands right on top of Muji, allowing Garu to score victory. Muji demands another contest.

Pucca Funny Love Season1-Ep19-Pt2-Lumberjacked-0

Pucca Funny Love Season1-Ep19-Pt2-Lumberjacked-0

Next is a trunk-climbing competition with the first to the top winning. Muji, using a special whistle, summons a group of squirrels to attack Garu while he climbs ahead. Mio comes to his master’s rescue, fighting back the vermin in true ninja-cat fashion and with added help from Pucca and a beaver, Garu wins once more. Muji demand one more contest (for which Pucca uses his own squirrel whistle against him).

Their last completion is using axes to split wood from a launching machine. Muji has an easy enough time with his round, but fills the machine with petrified wood for Garu’s turn, making it impossible to cut apart. Angered by this, Pucca doses the villain in Santa’s maple syrup, prompting hungry bears (and lumberjacks) to chase after him. Meanwhile, though he couldn’t chop the wood, Garu turns the logs into a dojo, thus securing victory.

The ninjas go back to their harvesting, but Muji reappears, still declaring that the forest is his while attacking Garu viciously. Both end up in the river, running on top of a log headed straight for a wood chipper. Ranger Pucca swoops in to their rescue, knocking them both clear of the machine. Muji crashes through Santa’s wall and Garu lands atop a totem pole with Pucca kissing him.