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Knock It Off
Season 3, Episode 1, Part 2
Air date March 7, 2008
Written by Johnny John-John Kearns
Directed by Dan Hughes
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Pucca Patra
Trial by Fury

Master Soo bans kungfu and martial arts from the village.


In Sooga village, the fighters are practicing their skills, especially Garu and Ayo who (after ripping off his shirt) continue their intense sparing math. Up in Master Soo’s palace, Soo offers dumplings to his maidens only to find them completely absorbed in watching Abyo fighting, calling him handsome. They ask Soo why he never does Kung Fu, but he rejects the idea due to his health. Below, Ching is practicing sword tricks but, distracted by a pretty dress, her swords go wild and destroy Master Soo’s bonsai tree.

A little while later, Master Soo is relaxing in the temple when the maidens reenter, mimicking a few moves until one accidently strikes Soo. He’s angered by this and, in retaliation to his destroyed peace, declares a Village-Wide ban on all martial arts. Abyo tries to refute this, but when he performs a move, he’s struck by a lightning cloud. Several more clouds hang overhead, threatening anyone who tries to disobey the ban.

In the Goh-Rong, the chefs try to create food, certain that cooking won’t go against the rules. However, due to their Xiaolin-style techniques, they are struck down by Soo’s cloud which provides instant noodles for them to serve instead. Out in the woods, Garu learns that the clouds are everywhere and the same goes for Pucca, whose Kung Fu origami is turned to ash by the cloud. Even Santa, just by swatting a fly, is blasted.

Later that night, Abyo and Garu sneak into the Goh-Rong basement and find, to their amazement, that the clouds can’t see them doing martial arts below ground. Also finding all the extra space that runs under the Goh-Rong, they develop a plan to use this small breach of the rules.

Master Soo is happy about the peace and quiet now that martial arts are outlawed, but his maidens and bored and disgusted by his jealousy for having no martial arts abilty of his own. They ignore his question of if they still love him and, now feeling insecure, Master Soo ventures down into the town to find someone who does. He follows after Garu who unknowingly leads him to the Goh-Rong underground arena. There, the entire commuting has gathered to perform their marital arts and watch the battles of the fighters. Mater Soo and his Maiden’s storm into the building, outraged at being tricked but finally admits that he missed everyone and officially lifts the ban. Everyone is pleased by this and the Master takes a seat with his ladies to watch Abyo and Garu’s big battle.

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