Age: 13 (Japan,Korea) 15 (Korea)

Resides: Yokiume House (Planet Ukami) Kame House (Japan) Sooga Village (Korea)

Hair Color: black

Eye Color: black

Birthday: July 2

Gender: Male

Species: Saiyan

Friends: Pucca, Ching, Garu, & Abyo

Relatives: Julian (brother), Ankha (wife)

Foes: Tobe, Ninja Clan, & Ring Ring

Occupation: Z fighter

People that likes him: Ching, Ring Ring, Ankha, & Francine

Techniques: kamehameha × 1 to 500, kamehameha × 1 to 500 (dark), Kaioken × 1 to 100, fly, power pole growth, ki technique, etc.


Jeremy is a saiyan that lives alone on the Yokiume House on Planet Ukami. Then his parents died when he was 4 and took care of his brother alone in the house. Then he went to go training to the Ukami Dojo and got beaten up by 3 bullies in the dojo and the bully had a knife to stab Jeremy in the heart and got saved by a Karate master named Kame-Sennin. Kame-Sennin saved Jeremy by kicking the bullies to the ground and told Jeremy and his brother to come to planet Earth and will teach them some techniques when they get there. 9 years later, Jeremy and his brother Julian was taught very well and was attacked by an army of soldiers and the king of Ekima Island. The king of Ekima destroyed Japan and Kame uses the spirit bomb to take down the army and Kame got tired to death and told Jeremy and his brother to leave Earth to find a better place to train. Jeremy told him that he can't leave him all alone in Earth. But Kame got a present hidden for Jeremy and Julian which is are two power poles that are light orange and red. Jeremy took the light orange and his brother took the red. Jeremy and Julian went on the Capsule Ship and left Japan. Julian told Jeremy that he misses Kame and Jeremy said to Julian that he misses him too and went off to Sooga Village in Korea. It took 3 days to get there.

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