Season 3, Episode 6, Part 2
Air date March 28, 2008
Written by Johnny John-John Kearns
Directed by Dan Hughes
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Chop Chewie
Stop That Yang

Dada decides he had enough and quits his job as the noodle shop's janitor. He goes on the search to find his Destiny and comes aross a wrestling arena. When he enters, he is asked to clean the place, much to his disappointment. As Dada is cleaning, a floating turtle comes and claims to be his Miagi. He offers to help Dada "find his Miagi" and trains him in marshal arts. Meanwhile, back at the noodle shop, the place is a complete mess and the chefs realize that they need Dada back. They ask Pucca to find him with help from Ching, Abyo, and Garu. Back at the ring, Dada goes under the persona of Janitaurus and is about to wrestle a robot. Pucca, Garu, Abyo, and Ching have found Dada and when they realize that Janitaurus is Dada, Pucca transforms into noodles girl and defeats the robot, much to Dada's dismay. The robot then gets angry and is about to attacks the gang when Dada stops it. He then decides to go back to the noodle shop.

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