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It's a Ring Ring Thing
Season 3, Episode 17
Air date July 10, 2008
Written by Jason Newsap
Directed by Dan Hughes
Storyboard Roger Craig Smith
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Jingle Cans


When Ring Ring's anger gets out of control, she sees a psychiatrist and literally gets a split personality.


Upon Ring Ring's realization that she may have a bad temper issues due to several meltdowns, she decides to see a therapist about it. Santa hypnotizes Ring Ring , causing Ring Ring to become two counterparts: a polite, good-natured Ring Ring (who even shows friendliness towards Pucca) and an evil Yang Ring-Ring

Despite her good nature, the good Ring Ring is hated by the Sooga townspeople. So she begins to walk away. Later on, because Ring Ring's autistic counterpart is causing destruction to the village, her good side tries to discourage her from doing so. She seriously attempts this when she catches the Yang Ring-Ring fighting with Pucca, then Pucca throws Ring Ring into a bell. The autistic Ring Ring doubles in size, and good Ring Ring tries to calm Yang Ring-Ring from hurting Pucca. After failing at this several times, the nice Ring Ring becomes angry when her lipstick is smeared, causing a contradiction which re-merges both counterparts into one.