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Although Pucca is considered a children TV show, it has many innuendos, misinterpreted quotes or actions even though the series is for young children and infants. 

Innuendo In The Episodes


  • Dada urines when the chefs are talking about the volcano.
  • After Pucca take Garu a picture, she begin to kiss him behind a bush.
  • After Pucca kiss Santa, Santa seems to enjoy it as he chuckles.
  • Puccahontas closed the temazcal entrance to be alone with Garu.
  • Also, she moved a lot when she was kissing Garu.
  • Dada urines on the temazcal entrance.
  • The peace pipe appears to be a reference to drugs.

Noodle Around The World

  • Uncle Dumpling says pull a noodle which sounds like a sexual interpretation.
  • Pucca wears a uniform resembling a Nazi uniform during the scene when Tobe tries to sabotage Garu in Italy.

Slam, Bam Birthday Bash

  • Pucca imagines that her present is Garu inside a tent with noodles, and then they begin to kiss inside it alone.
  • Everytime someone is going to finish the word "surprise" Garu shoots a toilet cleaner in the mouth of it.
  • After Pucca leaves the police station, Officer Bruce is showing in the bathroom.
  • After Pucca saw Tobe and his ninjas, she have a disgusting face because she saw them in underwear.

The Sooga Showdown

  • Master Soo says that the winner would have a special prize.

Scenes From a Maul

  • The plot is about Pucca trying to marry Garu at the age of 11.

Misplaced Face

  • There's a close-up of Ching and Abyo' butt. This scene is censored in the US.
  • Also, there's a scene of Abyo naked with little black censor covering his private part. This scene is also censored in the US.
  • Abyo' censor falls on Pucca's face.

Big Top Bang Bang

  • The title is an innuendo as "Big Top" is misinterpreted as "Big Breasts".


  • The drink Tobe was drinking in the restaurant is a martini.

The Ring Ring Touch

  • Mr. Zoom looks happy when Ring Ring and Pucca (with the broken dress) are fighting.
  • Pucca' dress becomes a skimpy dress when Ring Ring break it.

Itsy Bitsy Enemy Within

  • There is a scene of Santa and Garu in the x-rays, if you look at Santa the x-ray shows him with a bikini. This scene is censored in the US..

Soap Opera

  • Ring-Ring flirts a lot on Dada (when he have a good look).
  • When Mr. Dishy makes Dada handsome the second time, he is pointing the middle finger.

Pucca Goes Dutch

  • When Tobe and his helpers becomes hippies, they are naked although they have flowers covering their "private parts".


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