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Ring Ring becomes Garu's girlfriend {Who is actually Dada disgused as Garu} making Pucca fall into a deep depresssion.

He Loves Me Not
Season 3, Episode 12, Part 2
Pucca he loves me not
Air date June 19, 2008
Written by Johnny John-John Kearns
Directed by Dan Hughes
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Garu goes fishing and Ring Ring is showing off her new things to Ching, saying that she has everything. Then, Ching told Ring Ring that she had "everything but a boyfriend". Ring Ring then got very angry. In the next scene, it's shown that she got 'Garu' to give her flowers, and Abyo and Ching witness this. They try to keep Pucca from finding out but unfortunately, she sees 'Garu' and Ring Ring kiss and becomes heartbroken. Pucca cries constantly and Ching tries to cheer her up but nothing helps. Ring Ring continues to ask 'Garu' to do stuff for her, like make Pucca more upset by giving her an empty box of chocolates and go out shopping for her. Eventually, 'Garu' proposes to Ring Ring, and Pucca gets so upset that her lightning cloud because a lightning storm. At the wedding, just as Ring Ring and 'Garu' are to be pronounced husband and wife, the real Garu shows up and unmasks 'Garu' who turns out to be Dada. Pucca becomes so angry at Ring Ring for making her upset that she sucks her up into the lightning storm. After that, Sooga village becomes sunny again, but Pucca is still shown to be a little upset. Garu gives her a set of flowers laying around to cheer her up, and it works. Pucca becomes happy and even gives Garu a hug and kiss.

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