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Ring Ring becomes Garu's girlfriend {Who is actually Dada disgused as Garu} making Pucca fall into a deep depresssion.

He Loves Me Not
Season 3, Episode 12, Part 2
Pucca he loves me not
Air date June 19, 2008
Written by Johnny John-John Kearns
Directed by Dan Hughes
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Garu goes fishing and Ring Ring is showing off to Ching, saying that she has everything. Then, Ching told Ring Ring that she had "everything but a boyfriend". Ring Ring then got very angry. In the next scene, it's shown that she got 'Garu' to give her flowers. At first, Pucca starts to get mad but Ring Ring continues to ask 'Garu' to do stuff for her. Eventually, 'Garu' proposes to Ring Ring, and Pucca gets so mad that her lightning cloud because a lightning storm. Finally, at the wedding, Ring Ring and 'Garu' agree to marry each other, and Pucca gets so angry that her lightning storm became a tornado! Then, the real Garu appears. The 'Garu' was then exposed as Dada. Pucca is so angry, that she blows Ring Ring away with a house just like in {The Wizard Of Oz}. At the end, Garu gives Pucca flowers, and she kisses him.

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