Sooga Village-Pucca House 002

Goh-Rong (Pucca's House)

Goh-Rong is the restaurant where everyone in Sooga Village mainly enjoys its illustrious Ramen Noodles, which almost everyone seems to adore.The current owners of the diner are Uncle Dumpling, Ho, and Linguini, who happen to be Pucca's uncles. It has been seen and/or mentioned in every episode, serving as the meeting place for Pucca and her friends, a segway in the plot, as well as a major center for festivities. Its appearance is standard, adorned with a red and gold facade topped with crescent-like finishes, and large wooden doors with dragon handles. It is also guarded by two stone lions called "Hai-Tais", who now and then move and give personal opinions. Not to mention the food as a favorite among the residents, and from the menu, houses a wide assortment of ethical foods, for whom without, the Sooga Village inhabitants head into a sort of limbo state.


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