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The tree house that Pucca and Ching build in Man of the Tree House. After being denied entry in Garu and Abyo's "boys only" treehouse, they build a treehouse of their own in retaliation. Unlike the boys' house, this one is much grander and better built.

This treehouse incudes

  • A gazebo
  • a pool
  • a pond
  • a trampoline
  • an elevator
  • auto-expendable porch (to guard against rain)
  • a fully-stocked refrigerator
  • indoor dojo (with XL5000 punching bag)

The boys becomes so jealous of this treehouse, they attempt to enter the treehouse, but are denied by the girls as it being "girls only". The males attempts to force their way in, but are repeatedly thwarted by Pucca. Their tricks eventually go too far when Abyo is catapulted at the house while strapped to a boulder, smashing the building completely. the girls are enraged and demand that now, the boys must share their house with them. They try to deny such an obligation, but after being threatened by Pucca, they concede.


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