Pucca Object
Garu doll
Source Amusement park in A Force of Won
Cost to buy Free if won at the amusement park
First episode A Force of Won


—Garu doll

Garu doll is a little doll that Garu won at the amusement park in A Force of Won. He got it after winning a game of darts by using his shurikens.


After evading Pucca trying to get him to go on the Ferris wheel with her, Garu goes to play a game of darts. He uses his shurikens and wins, and Santa sets down the doll as Garu's prize. It begins to say "hi-ya" over and over and catches Pucca's attention. She is instantly infatuated with it.

Just after this, Tobe comes and demands Ching give him Won, as he thought the chicken's eggs were magical, and if he had one, he could finally defeat Garu. Garu, Abyo, and Ching join in the fight, but Pucca is too distracted by the doll to join.

While Tobe is fighting Ching with swords, Pucca is twirling her doll around. Tobe misses and accidentally cuts the arm off the doll. Everyone immediately stops fighting and Tobe drops his weapons. Pucca attempts to put the arm back on the doll, but when it just falls off again, she gets mad and knocks Tobe and his ninjas into different attractions.

In Tame That Toon, it was seen on Pucca's bed, but disappeared along with Pucca's Garu posters, and Pucca's picture of Garu because of Ring Ring erasing Garu from history.


The doll is very similar in appearance to Garu. It has a smile and rosy cheeks, Garu's signature hair style, and Garu's ninja clothes.


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