Feud Fight
Season 1, Episode 15B
Air date February 5, 2007
Written by Colin Yardley, Larry Raskin
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Feud Fight is the second part of the 15th episode of season 1 and the 44th episode overall.


The chefs leave the restaurant after a noodle imperfection and they end up fighting and and later everyone become zombies.


Running from Pucca, Garu finds himself trapped at a dead end, with no way to escape her kisses. Lucky for him, Pucca is distracted by the restaurant gong and abandons Garu to have lunch. As the chefs are working together to prepare the food, Dada’s broom accidently knocks over a shelf, causing a variety of items to fall in into the pot (including a rather distressed Yani). Linguini tastes their creation and reveals a sock has been included for which all of the chefs claim the others are

Pucca Funny Love Season 1-Ep15-Pt2-Feud Fight-0

Pucca Funny Love Season 1-Ep15-Pt2-Feud Fight-0

responsible. Pucca walks in with her bowl ready, but the chefs, thoroughly disgusted with each other, call off lunch and go their separate ways. Pucca is clearly worried about this. Sometime later, each chef has created his own restaurant to serve food while mocking each other as they go. Pucca, upset by their disagreement, motions to the boarded up Go-Rong but they refuse to ever make noodles together. A thunderstorm swiftly covers the sky and the townspeople, horrified that they will never again have noodles, each fall into a depressed zombie-like state. Pucca, still dragging along her discarded noodle bowl, wanders through town until coming across Santa’s noodle shop and eagerly enters. He presents her with a bowl of “North Pole Noodles and Snow” but she’s disgusted by the taste and runs back outside as everyone falls into a state of disarray.

Garu, seemingly impervious to the effects of the chefs’ battle, watches the zombies wander about in confusion. He finches at the sight of Pucca but the young girl, thoroughly depressed, ignores his presences completely for which the ninja is overjoyed. He’s quickly approached by Abyo who explains their lack of noodles and attempts to rip his shirt off, but has no power to do so.

The chefs continue to try tempting the crowds away from Jahjong noodles and a physical battle starts between them as their miniature restaurants are destroyed. Garu continues to happily walk through the chaos but Pucca, sitting on the steps of the Goh-Rong begins to cry loudly over what’s happened to her family. The chefs are shocked and ashamed that their prides have upset their precious niece and decide to put their disagreement behind them.

Watching happily as her uncles work, Pucca is presented a bowl of noodles and the restaurant is reopened, restoring life to the town. Garu, still believing Pucca has lost all interest in him, happily strolls into the restaurant to eat but is quickly jumped by the reinvigorated delivery girl. In the kitchen, Dada once again knocks several foreign objects into the food, hoping no one will notice.