Three famous people come into town. They announce that they're looking for the chosen one, stating that the old chosen one got fat. They look all around Sooga Village, while insulting peoples' fashion choices. They say that the town is not the right place. Then Abyo jumped up from a group of girls and does his signature Hi-Yah, and starts flaunting his abs.Then they all shout that he is the one, while Abyo looks confused and says "Hiya". Starla walks up to him and says he is the "one".

Fab Abyo
Season 3, Episode 15
Air date July 3, 2008
Written by Johnny John-John Kearns
Directed by Dan Hughes
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Tomb It May Concern
The Bride of Muji

The others say that he must take "the test". He must pick from a cake, money, a box of chocolates, a doll of Ching, and a mirror. He has pick the one that most deserves his love, only the true chosen one will pick the correct one. He seems to be heading for the Ching doll, but the man kicked the mirror toward Abyo and then he starts admiring himself. The people exclaim he is the chosen one. They give him a makeover. When he is introduced to the public all the girls (except Pucca) were intranced by him. He acts different in many ways, such as walking up to a picnic, and eating all the dumplings. Through the towns people weren't annoyed by this. The gang (minus Abyo) were walking down Sooga village when they stumbled upon Abyo's nightclub. Inside the people tell Abyo it's time to leave. Through Abyo isn't bothered by this, Ching is extemly bothered. In the morning she tells say that they won't take Abyo away, but they take out their hairdriers and blow everybody away. Garu attacks, but loses. Getting a new look in the process, which he rather dislikes. Ching gets so angry that Won cooks on her head. She pulls out her sword and give them a haircut. They scream and cry at their bad haircuts. Abyo interuppts saying that being beautiful was his destiny. He rips off his shirt reavealing he is fat. Everyone then gets mad at him. They diss him, and Abyo starts crying say he's ugly. Ching says she thinks he's still cute, and repeatbly kisses him.                        Trivia: it is shown that Abyo might have a crush on Ching since he was heading for the Ching doll.