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Funny Love Eruption

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Funny Love Eruption


The golden moon topper and the supermarket without electric stairs


The moon cakes decrease


Smoke coming from another way

  • When Chef Linguini says "That's a mountain of moon cakes" his lips doesn't move.
  • When Chef Linguini and Chef Dumpling are making and cutting the moon cakes, there are 9 moon cakes. But when Chef Ho puts them on the mountain, there are only 6 moon cakes.
  • When Chef Linguini poured the honey, Chef Dumpling is crying. But in the next scene, the tears are gone.
  • The ladder where the chefs climb to pour the honey wasn't there until when Chef Linguini pours the honey in the bowl.
  • When the chefs climb and down the ladder, they groan but their mouth doesn't move.
  • In Chef Dumpling imagination, the silver moon topper is gold.
    • Also, in the same image the electrical stairs are not there.
  • When Chef Linguini puts the honey on the bowl, the honey is brown. But in the next scene, it is dark yellow.
  • The way Chef Linguini climbs the ladder would make the honey fall from the bowl.
  • When the chefs down the ladder, Chef Linguini has a bowl. In the next scene, the bowl is gone.
  • When all the people are running and screaming, the volcano supermarket disappears.
  • When Garu saw the volcano, the electrical stairs are not on it.
  • When the chefs are thinking on Garu comes back, the next scene is Garu down the electrical stairs. Then in another scene, the same scene is showing again.
  • When the moon cakes mountain falls on Garu, the number of moon cakes decrease.
  • In some scenes, the volcano is showing in front of Goh-Wong (in the window). But in one scene, the smoke is coming from another way.
  • It is dangerous to put a supermarket inside a volcano.

Noodle Around The World


That is a noodle or spaghetti?


Part of the rope overlaps Ching's hand


Where's Pucca hand?

  • In the newspaper it says "Chef Alberto has made the world's largest noodle". even though in the image is showing the Roman Coliseum full of spaghetti with meatballs.
  • In one scene, Pucca's right hand is missing.
  • Garu crosses the entire world in a day which is impossible in real life.
  • If Garu crosses the entire world in a day, it should be at least night when he arrived at Sooga.
    • Also, in anytime the day changes to sunset.
  • When Garu passes the people before the shot of the two birds, there are people repeated in the crowds.
  • There are two birds standing on the noodle, but in the next scene they disappear.
  • When Ching is jumping the rope, part of the rope overlaps her right hand.
  • After Pucca squashes Tobe and his helpers, one of the helpers have only his head and still alive.
  • When Tobe peeks out of the Leaning Tower of Pisa to see Garu, there are four ninjas with him. But when Tobe and his ninjas are pushing the Tower, there are five ninjas.
  • Actually, fireworks can't be seen in the day.
  • In the scene after Garu steals Master Soo's sausage, he is eating it. But in the next scene, the sausage is gone.
  • Before the cowboy asks his wife if the presidents kiss, Tobe and his helpers disappear from the rock pieces.
  • When the snake leaves, the end of the snake is red instead of cream.
  • Garu passes Pandoga and Ring Ring twice at the end.

Ping Pong Pucca

  • At the beginning, when Master Soo is going down in his cloud the microphone is not there. But in the next scene one appears from nowhere
    • Also, from where the microphone is hanging out?
  • Dada urinates after he saw the pink dress. But in the next scene the urine is gone.
  • In the side-shot of Garu, Abyo, Officer Bruce and Chang before playing. There are two Officer Bruce, one is playing and the other is in the crowd.
    • The same happens with Santa, as he was in the stands in his mime outfit and at the same time he was the announcer of the ping-pong game.
  • When the scene of Abyo telling the crowd if there is someone who can beat them, the people have their trademark outfits instead of the pink dresses.
  • The length of the ping pong table changes throughout the episode.
  • When Pucca hits Tobe and Muji with the ping pong table, they go to the right (opposite to the tower). But in the next scene, they pass the tower.
  • When Garu jumps to stop Garu and Tobe' multiball match, the people have their trademark outfits instead of the pink dresses.
  • When Pucca takes the ping pong table, the metal ball disappears.

A Force of Won

  • How could the lizard go inside Tobe's mouth?
    • How could Tobe nearly swallow the lizard if it doesn't fit through his throat?
    • Tobe would've drowned from the lizard if swallowed.
  • How can Tobe imitate Santa's voice if he doesn't have a deep voice?
    • However, in Ninja License he can imitate a voice so maybe he use something to sound like Santa.
  • When the scene of the spinning cups is showing, Pandoga is there. But in another scene, she is seen waiting the line of a game.
  • When the flying airplanes are showing, nobody is on them.
  • Throughout the episode, people appear in one place and in a few seconds later they appear in another.
  • Won's eggs change colors from white to cream.
  • Ching throws 7 hula hoops to a ninja, but in the next scene there are 5 hula hoops around the ninja.
  • Tobe's candy cotton afro disappears when he sinks in the barrel.
    • Maybe, the candy cotton dissolves on the water as it becomes pink.

Chef Slump

  • When the bowls fall on Dada's hands, a squash sound cannot be heard. However, when Dada puts a bowl over another, the squash sound is heard.
  • If Pucca has problems with the restaurant while she's in charge. Why she doesn't put a "closed" sign on the door?
    • Also, if Pucca has problems with Ching and Santa why she doesn't call two friends of the Chefs to help her?
  • It is currently unknown why Muji in this episode is a biker, have a bulldog and have different companions.
  • Master Soo tells the Chefs to make a feast, but they actually make lobster with sauce and asparagus.
  • When the Chefs are bringing the bowl of noodles for Pucca, Pucca's sticks are closed. But in the next shot, they are open.
  • In this episode, Master Soo accepts kung fu and martial arts. But in Knock It Off he doesn't like the kung fu and martial arts. However, it is possible that he began to hated them off-screen.
  • Actually, in restaurants someone can leave a plate with food and the waiter takes the plate despite the fact the plate has food on.

House of Doom


Black Eye disappears


Log overlaps Pucca

  • The way Pucca is holding Abyo is dangerous, she could break him a bone.
  • When Garu wakes up after Pucca drops him, his black eye disappears.
  • When Ching and Abyo try to open Garu's house door, they open it a lot. However, in the scene of Garu closing it, the door is open just a little.
  • In this episode, Garu's house is full of traps. But in Ghost of a Kiss and Break My Day the house doesn't have any traps.
  • The half log should crash the wall as the log is longer than the house.
  • When Pucca is going to open the fridge, she is going to open from the left side. But in the next scene, she opens it from the right side.
  • When the log crashed into Pucca's head, the log overlaps her head.
  • How Garu can enter his house if it is full of traps?
    • Maybe the house can recognize who can enter and who can't.
  • In this episode, if someone touch a thing the house would put a trap. But in Ghost of a Kiss the ghost, Garu, Abyo and Pucca touch the picture and nothing happen.

The Cursed Tie

  • When the Chefs fire up the candles, the candles don't turn on when they put the match.
  • When Garu's hair is burning, only one of his pigtails turn off. However, the two appear to be burning when he turns around.
  • Garu's black eye disappears when the chefs gave him the cake.
  • The match Pucca has disappears when she and Garu are watching the fireworks.
  • When the van rolls Garu, Santa is driving. But in the next scene, he is unloading the posts.
  • When Garu saw the banana peel, the peel is green instead of yellow.
  • Before the construction fell off, there's a shot of two blue men holding a stick. But in the next scene, they disappear.
  • When Officer Bruce tries to remove the blue and pink people with the wipers, the wipers overlap them.
  • The men that fell on the police car's windshield changes positions.
  • When Garu is leaving Sooga, the juice disappears.

Chicken Spots


Where's Abyo's hand?

  • When Dada (chicken form) passes Officer Bruce, Ssoso and Abyo, Abyo's left hand appears to be missing.
    • Also, Abyo was looking to the left. But when he saw Dada acting like a chicken, he was looking to him.
  • When Dada (chicken form) passes Pucca at the restaurant, the bowl on her table is bigger than normal.
  • If Dada was at the restaurant, why the chicken spots didn't spread through the restaurant?
  • When Pucca removes her chicken spots, for a split second her eyebrows and one of her bows disappears.
  • Actually, chickens don't cackle all the time.
  • In this episode, the chickens made the "morning cackle" when actually the roosters are the ones who make it.
  • When Pucca tells Master Soo about the chicken spots illness, it appears that Master Soo's house is empty and only colored purple.
  • When the chicken spots spread on Tobe, the spots are red instead of light pink.

Flower Power

  • In Latin America, the title card isn't stylized as the American one.
  • After Pucca finishes drink the chiade, she laughs but her mouth doesn't move.
  • In Latin America dub, after Abyo rips his shirt Ssoso makes a crying sound but his mouth doesn't move.
  • Ssoso only offers Pucca 2 drinks Chi-aid of but she drank 3.
    • Pucca also never pays for her drinks
  • When Abyo is being spitted by the plant, he has his black coat on. But in the next scene, he only has his white shirt.
    • Also, his shirt appears to be bigger than him.
  • The flower's "stomach" appears to change in size during throughout the episode.

Cat Toy

  • In this episode, the Chefs make noodles by cutting and heating a squid even though they need dough and vegetables to make them.
  • When Pucca takes the bowl of noodles, she is in the kitchen. However, when she puts them on the window, the kitchen is now the eating room.
  • Pucca looks different when she begins to fan the noodles.
  • The first two times Garu watch through the window, Pucca walks from the same spot.
  • Garu never removed the cover from the jar.
    • Also, When Garu is drinking, he actually was not drinking.
  • When Garu throws the jar, the jar is full. But as the jar falls, it is empty.
  • When Pucca opens the door, the door animation appears to be messed up as the animation mixed up with the fridge.
  • When Pucca opens the door, the door doesn't hit the jar instead the door overlaps it.
  • When Pucca opens the door, the door stays open. But when she pops out of the fridge, the door is closed.
    • Also, in the same scene the jar is gone.
  • In this episode, the noodles Santa was eating are brown. But in other episode the noodles are cream.
  • In this episode, Santa is eating the noodles with a fork. But in Chop Chewie he doesn't know what a fork is.
  • When Garu is being heaped with the vegetables, he is heaped between the eggplant. However, in the next scene he is heaped between the asparagus.

Let's Go Fly a Ninja

  • When Pucca was crossing the bridge, for a split second her legs are longer than normal.
  • When Pucca was crossing the bridge, for a split second one of her bows disappear.
  • When Pandoga screams, her eyebrows disappear.
  • When Pucca was flying  her kite, the kite doesn't have cord. But later her kite gets one.
    • Also, before she begins to fly on it, the kite has a cord.
  • In this episode, Tobe has more than 20 helpers. But in previous and next episodes, he has less than 20 helpers.
  • It seems very unrealistic that Tobe's kite can make all the kite field to be dark.
  • Garu's kite wooden sticks are dark brown, but when Tobe was talking to him until the end of the episode the sticks are light brown.
  • Tobe's kite wooden stick doesn't have a red button until he presses it.
  • It would be impossible for Pucca to blow a lot of wind as her lungs wouldn't have been so strong to blow the way she did.
  • At the beginning, Chef Dumpling puts a poster on the door of the restaurant meaning he and the chefs are going to attend the restaurant. But when Pucca was blowing wind, they are on the kite field.
  • The cord of Pucca's kite is cream but when she catches Garu the cord was brown.
  • The cord of Tobe's kite is brown but in close-ups of him flying the cord was gray.
  • Master Soo's voice is different when he saw the ninjas flying.
  • When Garu scratch Tobe's kite with his sword, a yellow flash passes on the kite for a split second.
  • Pucca's kite was being destroyed by Tobe and she fixes it with tape. However, at the end, the kite fixes itself and the tape was gone.

Gone With The Noodles

  • Although Garu hides in the wallpaper, his body should've been visible.

Garu's body is not visible in the wallpaper of the house


Why Santa, Mio, Dada and the chefs are on the poster?


The red ninja outfit is only a cape

  • After Garu puts on the red ninja outfit, his trademark outfit disappears (as you can see that Garu's arms are not black) but when Garu is being chased by Pucca, he removes his red ninja outfit to reveal that he has his trademark outfit on.
  • In the poster picture for Gone with the Noodles, Santa, Mio, Dada and the Chefs are on it even though they didn't appear on the filming.
    • Although Dada is the sound and ventilation man he don't should appear on the poster, except if he appears as an extra.
    • Plus, if Dada appears as an extra he should be in the filming but in anytime he is seen in the filming.
  • When Pucca and Garu take off the ninja outfits, the outfits are only capes.
  • In this episode, Garu and Abyo hasn't met yet even though in A Force of Won, Ping Pong Pucca, House of Doom (Pucca episode), The Cursed Tie and Cat Toy they met each other (Although maybe this episode takes place before those episodes).
  • Garu should know that Tobe's helpers are in a filming as he can see the background set and the fake train rail.
  • Actually to filming a movie, the director should have more equipment (mics, camera cranes, chroma keys, etc.) than just the one seen in the filming of the movie.
  • When Dada says "Ohhh!" his mouth doesn't move.
  • In all the scenes of the filming, the viewers could see the fake train rail end and the entire background set which is unrealistic.
  • Before Abyo asks "Where's the red ninja?", Ching and the fake train rail disappears.
  • When Garu and the paper lantern land, the paper lantern bounces instead of broken.
  • In the shots of the director inside Santa's slide, Santa is not inside the slide.
  • When Abyo shouts "Nooooo" his arms are not attached to his body.
  • Pucca is barefoot when she is trying to get Garu out of the Limo.
  • The Limo somehow turns around when Garu escapes from the cinema.
  • Sooga Matinee looks different in this episode.
  • Pandoga is seen next to the chefs. But when Garu escapes from the movie she disappears.

Them Bones

  • Pucca could easily see the skeleton when she was shaking the tree.
  • Bonelove

    Hair bones

    Master Soo says that he is the only inmortal in Sooga which is incorrect because Santa Claus count as an inmortal person.
  • After Ching and Abyo try to scare Garu, their masks disappear the rest of the episode.
  • When Abyo and Pucca are pulling Garu' skin and before Santa steps on Garu, you can see that he has teeth on his mouth even though his skeleton is gone.
  • Abyo(5)

    Abyo swallows the candy dumpling with the wrapper.

    Abyo swallows a candy dumpling with the wrapper on. 
  • The cord Pucca used to pull Garu appears out of nowhere.
  • When Pucca's skeleton is shown, her skeleton has her two buns of hair even though hair doesn't count as bones.
  • Pucca's pearl collar disappear when she was inflating Garu.

Ghost of a Kiss

  • When Garu sees that the woman in the picture salutes him, the ghost is trapped inside the picture. But when the knifes are being thrown, the ghost throw them even though the ghost is not seen went out of the picture before.
  • When Garu watches the ghost woman for the first time, her face is white. But when she begins to chase Garu through the forest, her face is green, when she makes Pucca style hair, her face is white again.
  • The time passes very fast during the chase of Garu and the ghost as Garu wakes up exactly like 10:00pm to see that the ninja dummy was being moved out, when the ghost vanishes it is exactly like sunrise.
  • Mio should feels the presence of the ghost as in real life dogs, cats and other animals felt the presence of spirits in houses.
  • When Abyo is reading the book while Garu is scared, Garu' sweat drop are transparent.
  • The ghost woman appearance doesn't match with her appearance in the picture.
  • When Pucca arrives at Garu's house, it is nighttime. But when Pucca begins chase Garu through the forest, it is sunset.

The Usual Ching

  • In the Latin American Dub, Doga had a man's voice.
  • When Doga is electricuting Chang, his eyebrows disappear.
  • Although Doga and Ching have socks, they don't wear them on their feet.
  • Ching has a clearly reflection of herself in the mirror even though she was so distanced from the mirror.
  • When the structure falls, it appears that the police station is near Sooga even though the station is distanced from the village.
  • When Ching says to Pucca not push the cart, Ssoso and Chang clearly watch Ching pushing it.
  • As Pucca fights Ching, her eyebrows disappear momentarily.

Treasure of the Comfy Sofa

  • After Garu saw the first Pucca on the book, Pucca is not beside him. But in another shot, she appears beside him.
  • When Garu saw the first Pucca on the book, the position of the ninja in the page of the right is on the air with the sword at the left side (our right side). But in the next scene, the position of the ninja shows him standing up.
  • The last coin of Santa that is being sucked by the sofa actually jump into the sofa by itself.
  • When Pucca is going to Garu, her palette and paint brush disappear.
  • 5 coins falls from Chang's pocket, but the sofa sucked only 4. But when the coins falls on Abyo, there are 5 coins.
  • It is currently unknown how Abyo got out of the sofa.

Snow Ninjas

  • In this episode, Tobe's house appears to be a old rusty shed. But in other episodes, Tobe lives in a three story house.
  • When Santa removes his Santa Claus outfit to his Summer outfit, in a split second his skin becomes tan.
  • When Tobe starts the snowplough machine, there are two ninjas in the machine. But when Tobe begins to complain about the climate change, there are four ninjas in it.
  • In one scene, Master Soo's right hand has an added black circle around it.
    • Also, in the same scene, Master Soo's punctuation mark is a exclamation mark even he is puzzled he should have a question mark.

an added black circle around Master Soo's hand and Master Soo's punctuation mark is wrong

  • When Tobe changes from Summer to Winter, Garu get trapped in snow while he was sleeping. But he don't suffocate.
  • The second time Tobe starts the snowplough machine, four ninjas enter into it. But in the next scene, only three are seen.
  • The space of the snowplough machine changes throughout the episode.
  • The third time Pucca changes to Summer, you can see that the yellow color (Summer) is on the screen. But when the ninja goes up to change the machine. The arrow is on winter even though the ninja didn't change the climate.
  • Twister and Night are not considerable for weathers.
  • The weather machine should have Autumn included.
  • Whenever someone changes to Summer, the season appears to be more Spring.
    • Also, if the season is Summer, the sun should be at least very hot.
    • Plus, Pucca, Garu, Shaman and/or Pandoga are not seen in swimsuits or either shirts and shorts.

Slam, Bam Birthday Bash


Missing Hairband

  • At the beginning of the episode, one of Pucca hairbands is missing.
  • Master Soo, Shang, the villagers and Officer Bruce never payed for the food.
  • When Master Soo's carriage horn is heard, nor Master Soo either the geisha is pushing it.
  • Why Pucca deliver noodles to a cat?
  • When Pucca is about to open the door, she is on the right. But in the next scene, she is on the left.
  • When Pucca is entering the restaurant, it appears that it is empty.
  • When Garu looks Santa, Santa was hanging from a poster near the balcony but Garu was looking another part of the roof.
  • As Linguini pops his eyes out of the trash can, they are more separate than normal.
  • When we see the scene of Ho and the cake, the cake should've slide down the floor as the position Ho is holding it is very dangerous.
  • When Chang salutes Pucca, his mouth doesn't move.
  • After Pucca destroyed the police station, Officer Bruce doesn't have pants.
  • When the chefs lift the blanket to make Garu enter, you cannot see the present box.

The Sooga Showdown

  • At the beginning, In scenes of the public Santa's personality Elvis Presley and Mime can be seen even though he is seen on a tower.
  • When all the carriages leaves, Ssoso's carriage leaves too. But when the smoke disappears, he is on the racing line.
  • In the first scenes of the episode, the carriage are in this order (from left to right): Soso, Abyo, Garu and Tobe. But later Garu and Tobe change places.
  • When Pucca shoots the confetti cannon, the confetti falls on the floor. But when the smoke disappears, the confetti is gone.
  • The well that was behind Ching and Pucca disappears and reappears between shots.
  • When Pucca salutes Garu after she dropped the barrel of water, the well and the platform that was there are gone.
  • Plum sauce is red, not orange.
  • When Garu wakes up after Tobe spreads the sauce, the carriage is not inside the sauce puddle. But in the next scene, it was inside the puddle.
  • Garu's geisha gets covered in plum sauce. But when the carriage lands, the geisha is spotless.
  • When the carriage spin clockwise, the carriage spin all. But in the next shot, the carriage is spinning.
  • When Santa is announcing who is the winner, he sounds like if he is speaking through the microphone even though he doesn't have it.
  • When the camera is zooming Ssoso, you can see that part of Santa's outfit is gray.
  • The fat geisha has one meatball on her skewer. But when Master Soo gives Soso the trophy, the skewer has three meatballs again.
  • At the end, Master Soo is heard while he is hitting Ssoso with a whip, but the figure that was hitting him is a geisha.

Scenes From a Maul


two pigtails

  • The title is very non-sensed as it says "Scenes From a Maul" Maul is a term used to refer to several types of hammers, not a wedding.
  • Why Abyo doesn't stop to rip the shirts in the store?
  • In the first close-up of Garu after Abyo rip his shirt, the receipt is not visible. But in the next scene, it is visible.
  • It is unknown how Abyo pay the shirts in the store.
  • In Pucca's imagination, when Garu was about to kiss her he has two pigtails in one side of his head.
  • During Ron Pyer, Pucca and Ching conversation, the cake position changes between shots.

An expressive mark???

  • Ron Pyer says "Of course, he looks amazing" while refering to Pucca.
  • When Ron Pyer says "Of course, she looks amazing" the background behind him is the design clothes store. But in the next scene, the background behind him is the outside of the store even though the scene takes place inside it.
  • The first time Garu and Abyo are showing, Garu is wearing his regular ninja outfit. But when Garu helps to catch Pandoga, he is wearing a blue tuxedo.
  • When Garu watches Pucca, his exclamation mark is an expressive one when it should be an interrogation one.
  • While Pucca chases Garu, two womans are seen attending a store twice
    • Also, Mr. Ron Pyer passes by his own store even though he leaves from that point to chase Pucca.
    • Plus, One man with a mustache and white shirt is seen three times in the chasing scenes.
  • Garu is stopped by Abyo ripping his shirt, but it is supposed that he leaves from the shirt store.

Up From the Depths

  • When Abyo kicks the fishing rod, he kick Garu' fishing rod away. But in the next shot, the fishing rod is next to the boat.
  • Garu' fishing rod disappear during the scenes of him and Abyo watching the supposed monster.
  • It is unknown how Wong can breathe underwater while Ching and Pucca are underwater.
  • When Pucca and Ching laughs, their mouths don't move.
  • Where Pucca and Ching get fishing rods?
  • Mio is missing in one scene.
  • When Pucca yawns, her fishing rod lose the cord.

Fused Animation

  • After Pucca and Ching arrives at the boat, the scene shows Pucca next to Garu and Abyo next to Ching. However, in the next scene Garu is beside Abyo.
  • When Pucca approaches Garu, her animation fuses with Garu's.
  • When Garu catches Pucca' fishing rod, his rod appears to catch hers in the lake even though she was on the boat.
  • When Ching says "I guess were not having fiss tonight" she said "fiss" instead of fish.
    • Also, in the same scene she is drawn differently.
  • Abyo rips his sweater. But when he says "Anyone can do that" he has it on.
  • A lake wouldn't have a plug in real life.
  • It would be impossible for two people to fit in a tube in real life.

Dream On

  • Tobe's sword changed sides and the background color behind him also changed.

    His sword changed sides

Armour Plated Love


Invisible Trouble

High Voltage Ninjas

Ninjail Birds

  • While in jail,Tobe falls asleep. He starts snoring but in a few seconds, he stops.

No New Year's Eve

Noodle to the Stars

Ring Ring's Party Favors

Misplaced Face

Swiss Kiss

  • When Pucca kisses Garu, her right bun goes through the door.
    • Also, when Pucca kisses Garu, she was inside the building. Then, in the next shot she was outside it.
  • If in Sooga (Belgium) is nighttime, why in Switzerland is daytime?
  • Garu is licked by a cow and covered in soil. But when jumps, he is spotless.
  • When Pucca falls from the helicopter, one of her hairband disappears for a brief moment.
  • When Heidi' family is dancing, for a moment, Heidi is overlaping Garu and she is being overlaping by her bald brother.
  • When the table is ready, the fondue bowl doesn't have knives on it. However, in the next scene two knives appear on it.
  • When Heidi' blonde brother asks "You're not from around here, are you boy?" one of the knives he has and the other is not on the bowl.
  • When Heidi' bald brother says "It make got hair on the chest" he is eating fondue by drinking from a straw. However, in the next scene the straw is gone.
    • Also, in the same scene a flower pot appears from nowhere on the table.
  • When Garu drops the fondue on Heidi' brothers, the things that were on the table disappear.
  • When Heidi' bald brother says "It short the time before be brothers" if Heidi marries Garu, then her brothers would be Garu' brothers-in-law, not brothers.
    • Also, when he says that he and his brother are falling back-first. However, when they are reaching the floor they are falling head-first.
  • When Pucca is showing with her Swiss outfit, a bush overlaps part of her hat.
  • When the camera shakes as the avalanche falls, the cottage is fine even though Heidi's brothers destroyed the entrance.

Big Top Bang Bang

Rootin' Tootin' Ninjas

Special Delivery

  • In the close-up of Pucca driving, one of her hairbands disappear.
  • A few seconds earlier, Pucca throws Chang's delivery even though the air cannot push it instead the air pulls it to the South.
  • Pucca doesn't launch the three deliveries of Master Soo and his geishas at the same time so how the three deliveries arrive at the same moment.
  • Chang, the blue and pink people and Master Soo didn't pay for the food.
  • When Pandoga grabs the telephone, the telephone is purple. But in the following scenes, it is gray.
  • When Pucca gets out of the kitchen and enter for the delivery, the white puddle of soap is gone.
  • In this episode, Chef Dumpling is the receptionist. But in other scenes, he is one of the chefs.
  • When the chefs put the noodles on the box, the noodles are on fire but they didn't care.
  • Dada dropped the pieces of broken plates before Pucca crash him.
  • Pucca's motorbike doesn't have a horn but throughout the episode a horn is heard whenever she comes on it.
  • Dada has 17 plates. But when the plates fall on the basket, there are 15 plates.
  • Actually, the rope the vagabonds attached to Pucca's motorbike exhaust pipe should've detached when Pucca was bouncing in the rail train.
  • For a split second when Shaman and Clown are being pulled by the ankle, a bush overlaps Clown's mouth.
  • When Pandoga was watching Pucca through the binoculars, the rope appears to be near the floor. But in the next scene, it was on a tree.
  • The length of the rope the vagabonds attached to the exhaust changes throughout the episode.
  • In the scene of the vagabonds in New York, the Statue of Liberty, the Bronx-Whitestone Bridge and the Empire State are seen but they are located in the wrong places.
  • When Pandoga inflates Shaman and Clown, her mustache disappears. But then reappears in the next shot.
  • If you see when the vagabonds become squares, there were no rail tracks where they are so how could the train could pass through it?
  • When the vagabonds are yelling "Ahh Ahh Ahh" as they chase Pucca, their mouths don't move.

Matinee Mayhem


The phone doesn't have a cord

  • How Santa can be the snack salesman or the ticket salesman at the same time?
  • Santa's phone doesn't have a cord.
  • When the second scene of the line of pink and blue people are showing, the first two people are pink, the antepenultimate is blue, the penultimate person is pink and the last man is blue. But in the next scene, the antepenultimate is pink, the penultimate is blue and the last is pink.
    • Also, when Abyo pushes the first two people, the people are blue and pink.
  • When the scene of Garu and the pink and blue people watching the film, Garu is between two blue men. But when Pucca changes the film, Garu is between an empty seat and a pink woman.
  • Garu never payed for the ticket.
  • Abyo never payed for the popcorn and the soda.
  • When Pucca is being lowered, she lowered until Santa's hat height. But in the next scene, she lowered only a centimeter.
  • Pucca' lowered rope is black, but when she throws the film the rope is gray.

Evil Love


Why Muji is wearing that dress?

Tobe´s heart
  • During the zoom-in wedding scene, Tobe is smiling. But when Master Soo asked if someone doesn't want that Tobe and Pandoga marry, he is angry. But when Pucca removed Cupid's arrow from his butt, he is smiling again.
  • In the zoom-in wedding scene, Muji is wearing a pink dress despite the fact that he is a man.
  • In one shot of Tobe's heart, his heart is pink rather than red.
  • When Cupid is flying at the beginning he has only the bow in his hand, but when he enters The Goh-Wong the last arrow appeared from nowhere.
  • When Pucca removed the arrow from Tobe, the camera zooms into Tobe's stomach instead of his heart.
  • When Santa and the Easter Bunny yell "Ouchhh" an extra egg is added in the Easter Bunny' basket.
  • When the camera goes from Shaman to Pucca and Garu, the noodles that the clients are eating look different.
  • When the camera goes from Shaman to Pucca after Tobe and his helpers enter. Pucca disappears from her table and two women appear in her place.
  • Cupid leaves his arrow pointing to the left at the beginning, but when the cat pushes the arrow, the arrow is pointing to the right.

    The camera zooms into Tobe's stomach

  • When Tobe tells to his helpers to clean his house, their beds are behind them. But in the next shot, their beds are behind Tobe.
  • The arrow disappears when Tobe makes a cutie face to Pandoga.
  • Tobe has an outlined white line around his head in the Karaoke.
  • When Tobe tells to his helpers to leave Goh-Wong, his arrow disappears.
  • When Tobe tells that he pospone his bad side to Garu, his arrow disappears.
  • When Tobe and Pandoga pushes Ssoso out of the way, Tobe's arrow disappears.
  • When Tobe is being hit by the arrow, his eyes are not hypnotized. But when Pucca hits Garu with it, his eyes are hypnotized.

A Better Boyfriend

Prince Not So Charming

  • At the beginning, when Abyo is being pushed by the girls, some girls are coming from the right side of the screen which the end of the pier is. So how can the girls come from the end of the pier?
  • In the close-up of the pier shaking, the tables are coming loose. But in the next scene, the pier is not being shake and the tables don't move.
  • When all the girls pushed Abyo, Ching's skirt is pink. But when she is talking to Abyo, her skirt is lavender.
  • Mio throws a fish to Garu's head. But when Garu saw Pucca, the fish is gone.
  • Whenever Jasper turns on the record, Eye of the Tiger sounds slightly different.
  • It is unknown how Garu could enter the cage as when he jumps into there is no hole to enter in it.
  • When Garu is being trapped in the cages, the brown-pointed hair agent helps to trapped Garu. But when the helicopter realised Garu, the agent is driving the boat.

    Bottle and fishing rod are nowhere to be seen

  • When the helicopter leaves Sooga, he was overflying the sea. But when it realised Garu, he was overflying Sooga again.
  • When the boat enters to the plane, you can see that there are no rails to help the boat enter it.
  • The goat that was at the mountain doesn't looks like an Alpine.
  • Garu throws the bottle (where Pucca was) to the sea. But when the camera zooms-out, the bottle disappears.
    • Also, he has a fishing rod but the fishing rod disappears when the camera zooms-out.


  • When Abyo breaks the first maple tree, the maple doesn't spread over the ground. But when he breaks the second one, the maple spreads over the ground although the tree was broken.
  • Abyo doesn't remove his coat when he was going to hit the maple tree but then his coat is gone.
  • The bucket Ching has should be full when she puts it on the maple hole.
    • Also, the bucket should be full the first time she puts it on and the maple should  fall on the floor instead of fall in the bucket.
  • Plus, when Ching was discuting about the forest and when Muji was deciding to choose someone Ching's bucket is empty.
  • When Muji yells "the entire forest is mine" the big puddle of maple disappears.
    • Also, in the same scene the maple falls to the left side but in the next shot it falls to the right side.
  • Ching's blue bow changes from left to right throughout the episode.

Snow in Autumn???


What happen to Mio's nose and mouth?

  • Ching's bucket disappears when she was telling Garu to accept the challenge.
  • Muji doesn't say Garu the first challenge but he somehow knew it.
  • Muji's chainsaw was splattering black smoke but later the chainsaw does not splatter anymore.
  • In the scene after Abyo wished Garu good luck, Ching, Pucca and the big puddle of maple disappears.
  • The big puddle of maple is gone when Ching tells Abyo that Muji is doing tramp.
  • When the squirrels attack Garu, his belt flew away. But after the squirrels go away, he has his belt again.
  • It would be impossible for Garu to attach the belt to the log very fast as he only let it pass around the log to attach him.
  • When the beaver eats Muji's log, Muji appears to up the log again.
  • It would be impossible for a tree to have electric energy to bring to a machine.
  • When Pucca steals the honey, there is an amount of snow behind Santa even though it is Autumn.
  • In one scene, Mio's nose and mouth line looks strange.
  • When Muji says that a logman without his axe it is only a man, he doesn't have his log stick. But then it appears.
  • When Garu is falling, he is falling back-first. But when he lands on the log, he lands face-first. However he could've turn around although he was never seen turning around.
  • When Muji crashes towards the chimney, a bandage appears on his head.
    • Also, the moose that was talking to Muji was his moose. However, Santa has it as a decoration.

Man of the Tree House

  • When Pucca catches the dragon, her butterfly net is bigger than her. However, in the next scene it is smaller than her again.
  • When the scene shows Pucca' builder outfit, she overlaps the hammer.
  • When Pucca arrives at the treehouse in the elevator, the elevator' door is facing the house. However, when Ching dumps the garbage, the door is facing the woods.
  • After Pucca finishes building the house, she was in the house. But in the next scene, she was in the elevator arriving at.
  • How Abyo watch Ching and Pucca' fridge or gym since those things are inside the house?
  • The Boys Treehouse flagpole falls. But towards the end, when Pucca tied the house with a rope, the flagpole is on the house again.
  • Pucca only carries wood to build the house. But the house appears to be made of various materials.
  • Abyo gets his hair wet. But when he opens the fridge, his hair is dry again.
    • Also, Garu got his hair wet. But when Abyo offers Garu a snack, his hair is dry again.
  • If Pucca is opening the roof door, Abyo should land in the attic.
  • The panda' flute box Pucca gets appears from nowhere.
  • When Santa puts the cookie dough on the oven, he puts all the dough. But in the next scene, the bowl of dough is seen full again.
  • When Santa puts the cookie dough on the oven, Abyo doesn't have a human form.
  • A person wouldn't resist the heat in oven in real life.
  • When the Girls Treehouse is destroyed, the elevator is not seen.


  • The background changes from be a desert to be Spain during the shot of Abyo saying "Paella".
  • When Abyo says "Paella" he is next to a building. But in the next scene, he is next to a restaurant.
  • When Santa is playing the guitar next to a man dancing, you can hear mussels clappings but Santa neither the dancing man are playing them.
  • Pucca' flower keeps changing sides through the episode.
  • When Pucca dances with Garu, she puts a rose on a Garu's mouth but he spat it. However, in the next scene the rose is not visible on the floor.
    • Also, when she puts it Garu get spikes on his tongue. However, in the next scene the spikes are gone.
  • When Abyo is dancing for the girls, the girls are crowded. But in the next scene, each girl is in one side.
  • Garu accidentally removes the tablecloth from a table. But when he leaves the restaurant, the tablecloth returns to the table he removed it.
  • In the zoomed out scene of Tobe in the restaurant, the waiter is not there. But in the next scene, the waiter appears.

missing hand

  • When Tobe slides the glass through the table, the straw is facing left. But in the next scene, it is facing right.
  • When the waiter is taking away Tobe' glass, for a split second his hand is not visible under the tray.
  • In The Running of Bulls, the only people that run are Garu and Abyo. In real life, A Running of Bulls would need max. 10 men.
  • Santa is being hurted by Dada. But in one scene, he is seen running in the Running of Bulls.
  • In the coliseum, there are repeated people.
  • When Tobe (in the bull) runs the third time to Pucca, the horns are facing toward. But in the shot of the bull, the horns are facing to the sides again.

Tokyo A Go-Go


The left player squashes the wrong arrow


Repeated people


The public is missing!

  • When Pucca, Garu, Abyo, and Ching go down of the conveyor belt, the belt doesn't have food on it.
  • Before Pucca and her friends were being stepped on the second time,    they screamed but their mouths don't move.
  • After the two players finish dances in the DDR arcade machine, the game continues until Pucca arrives.
    • Also, Pucca doesn't put a coin into the arcade machine to play and the arcade machine doesn't have a coin hole.
    • Plus, in one scene the player (on the left) steps on the left arrow even though the plasma shows that the down arrow is going first.
  • After Pucca, Garu, Abyo and Ching leave the Karaoke, it seems that the Karaoke is beside the Kimonos store as they walk out of the left side of the screen. But in the scene of Abyo before Garu and Abyo enter, it is in front of the Sumo arena.
    • Also, the big neon person changes colors when the Karaoke is showing for the first time, but in a shot of Abyo before Garu and he enter to the Sumo arenas, the big neon person stays pink.
  • Garu and Abyo enter to the Sumo arenas without Pucca and Ching. But when they enter to an arena, they are with Pucca and Ching.
  • How Pucca and Ching knew where Garu and Abyo entered to?
  • Santa had closed eyes when Abyo throws hot salt to him so why did Santa complain about pain on his eyes?
  • There are two Sumos in the arenas when Pucca and her friends enter to the Sumo arenas. But when a Sumo dares Abyo to fight, there is only one Sumo.
  • When the Sumo and Abyo begin to fight, only Santa and them are seen. The public, Pucca, Garu and Ching disappear.
  • Several people that stepped on Pucca and her friends appears more than once in the crowds.
  • It is dangerous to put a subway near a volcano.

Ninja License


Why is Garu's shadow behind him?


The mouth bandage disappears


Out of frame picture

  • In the title card, Garu has his shadow behind him.
  • Why doesn't Abyo tell Garu that someone doesn't needs a Ninja license to practice Tae-Kwon-Do?
  • When the scene of Tobe seeing Garu is showing, there is only one ninja beside him. But in the next scene, there are two ninjas beside him.
  • When Tobe tells Garu to stop, his pants changes from blue to brown and blue again.
  • When Tobe tells Abyo that the license is get in the Kicking and Punching Department, Tobe's notepad, pencil and ticket disappear. Then in another scene, Tobe gives the ticket to Garu.
  • When Tobe is writing on the ticket, the writing sound is heard. But when the camera goes to Garu and Abyo, the writing sound is off, then it starts again.
    • Also, when the writing sound is heard again, Tobe was not writing.
  • Garu, Abyo, Ching and Pucca are going in a vertical line when they go to the Kicking and Punching Department, in the next scene they are in a horizontal line.
  • Tobe's fake voice sounds a lot different than his regular voice.
  • When Tobe looks at the time, he doesn't have a watch.
  • Tobe never told to Garu to jump between the logs with spikes.
  • After Ching asks Tobe if he can gives Garu's license, the rage mark Tobe previously had disappears.
  • Tobe's hat disguise changes throughout the episode from a fedora to a top hat.
  • When Garu frees the Kicking and Punching Department guy, the mouth bandage he had on the mouth before disappears.
  • Garu skips some targets when he was doing the last test.
  • When Tobe is being hit by the rakes, the rakes appeared from nowhere.
  • At the end, when the Kicking and Punching Department guy takes Garu's picture, the picture appears to be out of frame

The Ring Ring Touch

  • At the beginning, you cannot see Pucca walking. But in the next scene, she was walking around Sooga.
  • How Ring Ring know which plane is Mr. Zoom' one?
  • When Ring Ring catches Mr. Zoom with her hair, you can see that the plane is only ride by 3 persons. In real life, a plane should have been full for fly.
  • Ring Ring only hair sprayed Pucca, she didn't change her dress but it appears changed when the hair spray is gone.
  • When Ring Ring hides the dynamite, it appears that the cord is short. But when Ring Ring gives it to Pucca, the cord is longer than it was in the previous scene.
    185px-Screen 20130804 170035

    Different Sleeves long

  • The fireworks cannot be seen in daytime in real life.
  • When Ring Ring transforms, her red sleeves are missing.
  • As Ring Ring says "Bun chi chong fo", part of her hair overlaps her hand.
  • When Pucca is catch by Ring Ring, her fridge in her hair burns disappear.
  • When Ring Ring attacks Pucca with her sleeves, one sleeve is missing.
  • In one moment when Ring Ring was attacking Pucca, one of her sleeves is shorter than the other one.
  • When Mr. Zoom is about to take a picture of Pucca kissing Garu, you can see that Pucca's hand is red.

Itsy Bitsy Enemy Within

  • When Chef Ho takes a little bit of shrink juice with the spoon, you clearly see that the jar is mid-full. But when Ho puts the spoon on the jar again, the jar is empty.
  • Garu's plate is red. But when he starts to eat it is white.
  • When Garu was eating, he was not chewing. But in the next shot, his teeth are chewing.
  • The submarine falls down Garu's throat to his stomach instantly which is incorrect, in real life the submarine should pass a long way (Esophagus) to arrive the stomach.
  • X-Ray machines cannot show clothing in real life.
  • Pucca needs to take air and then enter to Garu's body. But in several scenes, her mouth was open.
  • It is unknown how Mio can enter to the hospital since pets are not allowed to enter to hospitals in real life.
  • The number of Tobe's helpers change from 3 to 4 throughout the episode.
  • Garu continues coughing smoke after he spite the submarine.
  • Garu appears surprised before Santa finishes the sentence "The Pucca Anti-Virus".
  • Anti-bodies are long Y-shaped sticks with Antigen, not fluffy white circles.
  • When the Anti-bodies wake up, there are four pink ones instead of white ones.


  • Buffaloes don't exist until 1700's.

There are Buffaloes in India/Virginia which is incorrect

  • India doesn't have Buffaloes so why were Buffaloes showing in this episode?
  • At the beginning, Master Soo says "Since the Buffaloes has run" but an eagle is showing instead.
  • Eagles are not larger than people in real life.
  • Dadawatta urinated in the entrance of the Temazcal. But when Garu enters, the urine is gone.
  • There were only three fishes (Puccahontas) in the water. But in one scene, it shows that 6 Puccas were swimming.
  • Garu's black eye disappears when he goes out of the Temazcal.
  • Master Soo tells Puccahontas to choose someone to marry him. But Master Soo didn't think that Puccahontas is a girl and there are girls in the crowd.

Sooga Size Me

  • Tex and Sue introduced themselves in this episode so why did they introduced them again in Monster Truck Island?
  • When Pucca and the chefs enter McLogis, the entrance door doesn't have a conveyor belt. But when Pucca watches how the people get fat, a conveyor belt appears on the door.
    • Also, when Garu and Abyo go out of McLogis, the entrance door's conveyor belt disappears.

Garu Down Under

  • In real life, electric fences and Eucalyptus trees are not poisonous.
  • Ching and Garu disappear when Abyo makes a jump.
  • How does Ching know that Garu went to Australia if she has no way of knowing where the plane lands?
  • Garu is smaller when he is on the Australian plane windshield.
  • When the Australian man launches Garu at the electric fence, Garu is launched backwards but he falls headfirst.

The Choo Choo Trouble

  • After Garu stands up to confront Tobe, the passengers that are behind him disappears.
  • The sound of the train puffing slowly doesn't match with the wheels moves.
  • When Pucca puts the large amount of coal inside the fireplace, part of the coal goes through it.
  • The tux man gives Garu and Tobe tuxedos with white shirts, but after they put them on Garu's tux has a black shirt.
    • Also, in one scene Garu's tux shirt becomes white.
  • When Garu and Tobe go to the caboose, they are in their trademark outfits again.
  • It is impossible for a train railway to have a corkscrew or spin tracks.
  • Pucca cannot take the presents of the passengers in real life.
  • It is unknown where Dada is after Pucca entered got on the train.
  • In the up-shot of Pucca trying to stop the train with the anchor, the train is going backwards.
  • A caboose is not necessary to used in a train with passenger coaches.

Pucca Goes Dutch


Linguini and Dumpling have the same height!

  • Uncle Linguini makes the dough of the Dutch pancake by kneading it. Pancakes are made by mixing Pancake mix, milk and eggs like Tobe said, not by kneading it.
  • One of the helpers is right, French Fries are made in France, not in Netherlands.
  • Uncle Ho, Linguini and Dumpling are not stand up on the giant pancake when the cannons are pointing to the restaurant. But when Tobe launches Dutch food, they are standing up on it.
  • When Pucca pulls up Garu from the bus, Garu goes through the right side of the bus.
  • In anytime Tobe mentions that the cannons launch kippers, but kippers were launched by the windmill cannons
  • It is impossible for oil packages to have very much contain on.
  • The flag Ho shakes when Tobe is launching the Dutch food appears out of nowhere.
  • When Ho is shaking the flag, Linguini and Dumpling are the same height
  • There are 5 people that yell to stop the war. But when Pucca arrives with the bus there is a crowd of people.

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