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Dragon girls




Pucca, Ching, Ring Ring, other girls


the dragon girl song

A group of explorers (basically girl scouts) who earn decorative bandages by completely challenges and doing good deeds. They appear in the episode "Enter the Dragon Girls"

The Scout leader of this is Destiny. Group members include Pucca, Ching and Ring Ring, as well as several unnamed girls. According to Ring Ring, though their actions re "goody-goody" their have very cute uniforms enough so that she agrees to join the scout troop in the hopes of wearing one (with more badges than Pucca). Pucca appears to be the best scout among the group


Some of the deeds of the Dragon Girls includes

  • Picking up litter around Sooga Village
  • Collecting Butterflies
  • Keeping bees
  • Setting up campsites
  • Preventing fries
  • White Water rafting

Notable Bandages

  • Science (particularly Chemistry)
  • Swimming
  • Ballet
  • Litter cleaning
  • Butterfly collecting
  • Bee Keeping
  • Campfire starting
  • Water Dosing
  • Fire Safety
  • White Water Rafting