Dragon Player
Season 3, Episode 5
Air date March 21, 2008
Written by Johnny John-John Kearns
Directed by Dan Hughes
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Invincible Vengeance
Chop Chewie


When Pucca gets abducting by a dragon, Garu must step in to rescue her.


Pucca is cloud gazing when she sees a giant dragon fly into a waterfall. She investigates and finds a cave possibly where the dragon lives. Then the episode cuts to the noodle shop, where the dragon suddenly appears and snatches Pucca. The chefs claim that "only someone brave" could help Pucca, and Garu is about to go until Abyo volunteers. He is unsuccessful in saving Pucca; he goes to the dragon's cave but is quickly thrown away. Garu is then about to go to try and save Pucca when one of then chefs suggest not using marshal arts. Everyone in the whole village tries different ways to save Pucca but they all fail. Finally, Garu goes to save Pucca himself. He enters the cave only to find Pucca unharmed. As it turns out, Pucca and the dragon, who's name is revealed to be Destiny, set the whole thing up so that Garu would come to her. Garu becomes angry and starts to leave, but then attacks Destiny when he insults him and says that Garu has no honor. They spar, but Garu easily beats Destiny. Destiny then accidentally pushes Garu into a volcano, however, he and Pucca save Garu just in time. Destiny is then seen performing at the noodle shop, and he also personally thanks Pucca for landing him his first gig in over 500 years.


  • This is Destiny's first appearance.

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