Love interest



Jazz music


Pucca, Garu, Ching, Abyo

Voiced by

Maurice LaMarche

Destiny is a golden dragon who made his debut in "Dragon Player", he lives in a cave (which he refers to as the "Casa del Dragon") behind the waterfall in Sooga Lake. Destiny is a lounge singer and piano player. He first appeared in "Unsinkable Pucca" as the piano player on the S.S. Funny Love, however, he was most prominently featured in Dragon Player. He and Pucca attempted to plan a romantic date with her and Garu. Garu proceeds to walk off, but when Destiny says because he left Pucca crying he has no honor (Garu will definitely perform a task if honor is mentioned, noted by the close up and the look in his eyes) he fights him. In the end, Pucca helped him to score his "first gig in five hundred years" performing at the Goh-Rong. He reappeared in Chef Napped!, where he flew the gang to Las Vegas for the World of Noodles Convention, and helped to rescue the chefs when they were kidnapped. He also appeared in "Enter the Dragon Girls" as the Dragon Girls' (a parody of the Girl Scouts of Korea) troop leader. He showed also in Full Moon Pucca, when Garu was lip-singing, Destiny was behind a fence, doing the real singing. And in Garu Hood, he ate the last noodle bowl so Garu Hood (copying Robin Hood) had to get it back. Destiny ended up eating Garu, Abyo, & Dada until Pucca beat him. Like typical dragons, Destiny can fly (though he has no wings) and breathe fire, but in addition, he can make himself grow larger by roaring or singing. Destiny is voiced by Maurice LaMarche. He likes to sing jazz music and play the piano.

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