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Chief; -Sick +With A Fever+- Chief: (puts a wet cloth on her head) Shaman and Clown; -Worried- Clown: Oh no. Poor Chief is burning up. Shaman: We should make her feel 100% better. Clown: (nods) Shaman: (puts medicine and other stuff into the potion pot) [Back In Chief's Room] Clown: We made something that will make your body feel better. Chief: Good. Shaman: (pours the potion in the spoon and puts it in chief's mouth) {later} Chief; -100% better- Chief: (smiles) Shaman and Clown; -Happy- Shaman and Clown: (start jumping up and down) Shaman and Clown: HOORAY!!!! CHIEF HAS BEEN CURED! {later} Shaman; -Excited- Shaman: (starts jumping up and down and giggles loudly) Shaman: (creates a love potion) [In The Bamboo Forest] Garu: (flips and kicks and punches) {1 hour later} Shaman: (runs up to garu and taps on his shoulder) Garu: (looks at shaman) Garu: Huh? Shaman: I am going to do something to you that people think is strange. Shaman: (pours the love potion in garu's skin) Shaman; -Hyper- Shaman: (runs around really really fast and giggles really really loud) Shaman: (runs away) Garu: What is happening to me? {after garu had the love potion go in his whole body and skin} Garu; -In Love- Garu: (softly, "This is just so perfect for all my loves of Sooga village.") Garu: (runs out of the bamboo forest) [At The Police Station] Abyo: (does a lot of kicking and punching) [A Knock Is At The Door] Abyo: I'LL GET IT! Abyo: (opens the door) Garu: (smiles big with teeth and tired eyes) Abyo; -Confused- Abyo: Why are you looking at me like that? Garu: (grabs abyo's arm) Garu: I'll show you. Garu: (pulls abyo) {when garu and abyo got to the bamboo forest} Garu: (holds both of abyo's hands with both of his hands and starts smooching abyo on the cheek) Abyo; -Annoyed- Abyo: (groans) Garu: (softly, "I love you man. You're like a brother to me.") [There's An 11 Year Old Orange Kitty Who Stands Like A Human And Has Green Eyes And Has Long White Hair With Bangs And Wears A Purple Shirt And Pink Pants And Her Name Is Claire And She Has The Same Voice As Twilight Sparkle] Claire: Hmm….I wonder what's going on in the bamboo forest. Claire: (hears kissing and groaning) Claire: What the heck is going on? Claire: (runs to see what it is) {when claire had gotten close enough to the sound} Claire: (sees garu smooching abyo on the cheek) Claire: Oh my gosh. I can handle it, Abyo. Don't move. Claire: (glares at garu runs to him and grabs him and pulls him away from abyo) Garu: (gives claire a long kiss on the head) Claire; -Surprised- Claire: (gasps like fluttershy when fluttershy tried to cheer and blushes) {when garu stopped kissing claire on the head} Claire: (looks up to garu) Claire: (with twilight sparkle's voice, "Why thank you, Garu.") Garu: You are very welcome. What's your name? Claire: Claire. Garu: How old are you, Claire? Claire: 11. Garu: Wow. I love you sooooooooooo much. Claire: And I love you so much. Garu: (makes a kissy face at claire) Claire: -Surprised- Claire: (blushes) Claire: Oh. Garu: (stops making a kissy face at claire) Garu: Huh. Well, you are so cute, honey. Claire: I know. Garu: Okay. Claire: (hugs garu) Garu: (hugs claire back)

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