Biographical information
Gender Male
Professional information
Occupation Chef
Other information
Physical description
Eye color Black
Friends Ho
Series information
First appearance Noodle Around The World
Last appearance Chefnapped
Voiced by Kwesi Boakye

Chef Alberto is a chef who makes the world's largest noodles, which filled the Roman Coliseum. According to Linguini, Alberto learned how to make them from him and his brothers.


Noodle Around The World

Ho, Dumpling, and Linguini read a magazine where they learn that Alberto made the world's largest noodles that fit inside the Roman Coliseum. Enraged, the three chefs decide to make even bigger noodles.

In Italy, he cries over the fact that the Leaning Tower of Pisa was no longer leaning after Pucca pushed it over and set it back up. He called it ruined and cries on it, causing it to go back to leaning, which makes him smile.


Noodle Around The World

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