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Age eleven as of Slam, Bam Birthday Bash. Born July 7 1980, Pucca is the series' titular character of the series. She is hopelessly in love with Garu, and is constantly trying to kiss him. Rather than speaking, Pucca communicates with giggling, kissing, and growling sounds (it is mentioned by Ching, however, that she has a pretty singing voice, which you can hear in the episode titled Tokyo-A-Go-Go when she is singing karaoke in the restaurant). She has, on occasion, said 'hello' to Garu and has also said 'ta-da' after performing a feat of skill such as knitting a sweater or carving a fish statue out of a boulder.

She has also been seen cheering G-A-R-U with Ching on one occasion in episode Tokyo-A-Go-Go when Garu was Sumo Wrestling and on another occasion "A-B-Y-O" when they both acted as cheerleaders in the episode Ninjitsu for Dummies!. She and Garu also both sing in Hooray for Bollywood!(despite their voices are completely different than the occasional noises that they make).

Pucca lives with her guardians, the three Master Chefs at the Goh-Rong restaurant, where she works as a delivery girl, driving around town on her red scooter. She has a pink cat named Yani, who flirts with other cats, but is only interested in Garu's black cat, Mio.

Although she is not a ninja, she has demonstrated some unique abilities of her own that make up for what she lacks in training, such as immense speed, strength, and a rock-hard head. Her superhuman abilities are not always necessary for her to save the day, however, as she's extremely present-minded and resourceful. Though she is typically sweet-natured, she is very short-tempered and usually wants everything her way. She is also selfish when it comes to Garu (seen in many episodes, when another girl wants Garu). Pucca has very long black hair, but usually wears it in an odango style.

The only times her hair is out of her usual style is in episodes Ghost Of A Kiss (though it is her ancestor, whom looked exactly like Pucca), Ring Ring's Party Favors when she was blasted out of the Goh-rong when Ring Ring uses her opera voice, destroying most of it, and her hair ties snap off and He Loves Me Not where her hair was flowing from an unusual power. Pucca is also a talented musician, as evidenced in And the Band Played Rong, Sooga Size Me, and a few other episodes. Most likely out of a desire to protect him, Pucca often takes over where Garu (unwillingly) gives up.

Pucca also has an alter-ego named "Noodle Girl" that sometimes appears in the series. It is revealed in the episode "Tomb It May Concern" that Pucca is Uncle Dumpling's, Ho's and Linguini's niece (Though not which side of the family they come from), although this was the only time it was ever touched upon.

Voiced by: Tara Strong 

Character Variations

Puccahontas: An Indian maiden who aids Garunimo on his tasks, only to pass them all herself and gain great honor. She forces Tucknimo into marriage, who refuses and is chased by Puccahontas into the sunset. Her name is a parody of Pocahontas.

Goddess Pucca: One of the pantheon in a Greek version of Sooga Village, who God Master Soo makes the Goddess of sport. She foils all of the Greek Tobe's cheating attempts to beat Tuck. She appears to be a reference to Athena.

Sailor Pucca Moon: In Tokyo, Pucca is transformed into a parody of Sailor Moon.

Fox: Master Soo wants Pucca to be a fox, as seen in the episode Chicken Spots.

Alien A light green-skinned alien with little antennae and produces green hearts when she's infatuated with Garu.

Orion Pucca A transition shows Garu, dressed up like Dante Hicks, leave Earth in a rocket, and encounter her on the moon, which is part of the word "Pucca". She is close in appearance to the Alien Pucca in 'Noodle to the Stars.

Noodle Girl Pucca has, among other things, a secret identity as Noodle Girl. She used a scepter like Cardcaptor Sakura to transform, wore a suit and helmet ensemble that looked a lot like a Power Ranger uniform (with a noodle emblem on her chest), and she used her noodles as tools in ways borrowed from Spider-Man, Batman, and Catwoman.

Mermaid - Pucca appears as a mermaid in 'A Close Shave'. She helped save the Dugong from having its moustache shaved by Muji. This version of Pucca reappears in "Pucca's Fishy Tale" (with a shorter tail.)

Genie - When Tuck was trapped on an island in 'Prince Not-So-Charming', a pink bottle washed ashore. When Garu opened it, a Genie that looked like Pucca came out and kissed him. She is based on the Jeannie of I Dream of Jeannie.

Puccapatra - In an Egyptian version of Sooga Village, Pucca resembles Cleopatra and is the cutest girl in Egypt. Everyone loves her except Garu and Pharaoh Ring-Ring. She is hunted by Pharaoh Ring-Ring because she wants to be the cutest girl in Egypt.

Indian: In "Hooray for Bollywood!" Pucca has the appearance of a Hindu girl and wears an outfit similar to a belly dance. She switches her outfit to a silver one during the song she sings with Garu at the end of the episode.

Toon Pucca: Toon Pucca is a parody or pun of Minnie Mouse.

Little Red Riding Hood: In Evil Love, Pucca looked like Little Red Riding Hood.

Dutch Pucca: In Pucca Goes Dutch a hippie version of Pucca appeared loves pancakes, chese and peace like the rest except Belgulm Tobe.

Painter In Chicken Spots , Treasure of the Comfy Sofa and in Stop That Yang Pucca is dressed up with red shirt, red beret and blue overalls

Cheerleader:Pucca tries to help Ching unite to Ring Ring Cheerleader team, but failed to work,so they decide to make another pink Cheerleader group. When she finds that Ring Ring is grabing Ching with her robe,she tires of her hair, hitting the zombie Cheerleaders, but Ring Ring attacks back and grabs her with her robe, but Ring Ring is kicked by Ching, which causes her to use her opera voice. Pucca stops her from using her opera voice by kicking a ball into her mouth.

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