Pucca uses a machine to repeat the days.

Break My Day
Season 3, Episode 3, Part 1
Air date March 14, 2008
Written by Johnny John-John Kearns
Directed by Dan Hughes
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Unsinkable Pucca
Samba of Doom


  • The day Pucca repeats is Monday 11th 06/2007.


  • The noodles bowl Pucca leaves to Garu changes positions.
  • On the third Monday, Santa Claus tells Garu the same advice he told yesterday even though Santa doesn't roll Garu.
  • If Abyo affects the machine to took them to the year they were babies, Master Soo should be affected too.
  • When the machine stops on the code "Friday", "05" and "29", Abyo and Garu are older even though that code means Friday 05th 1929 so Abyo and Garu shouldn't be born yet (Although it maybe means Friday 05th 2029).
    • Also, the machine stops on the code "Saturday","11" and "15", Abyo and Garu are babies even though that code means Saturday 15th 1911 or Saturday 15th 2011 so Abyo and Garu shouldn't be born yet or shouldn't be babies.
  • The green pacifier Baby Abyo has disappears when Master Soo changes him and Garu back to normal.
  • When Garu watches the wedding, there are pink and blue men playing a violin, a euphonium and a side-blown flute. But a organ is heard.
  • When Pucca runs to find Garu in the bamboo forest, the wedding things disappear.


  • Johnny Test- The episode is a remake for the Johnny Test episode "Saturday Night's Alright for Johnny".

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