Black Powder


Black Powder



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John DiMaggio

Black Powder is an evil ninja who stole things from people along with his ally Red Lantern. His main weapon of choice was black powder. He comes to Sooga Village to get his revenge on Red Lantern, as he betrayed him. In the end, Red Lantern wins by sending Black Powder into the stomach of a whale. He stole all the present of the village to make Red Lantern appear.

Black Powder

He was an infamous ninja who liked stealing things with his ally Red Lantern. They were wanted by the police, but never caught.

Santa soon began to revert and gave everything he stole back, telling Black Powder to do the same. Because of this, Black Powder thought his friend betrayed him, and refused. He and Red Lantern get into a fight, and he loses when Red sends him into the stomach of a whale.

Later, Black Powder escapes from the whale and comes to Sooga Village, stealing presents to get his old friend to reappear.


He has ninja clothes, but with a black cap. He has a black barb and black powder powers.