Autograph This!
Season 1, Episode 19C
Air date March 9, 2007
Written by Johnny John-John Kearns
Directed by Dan Hughes
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Garu wants to see his idol in a presentation that he's giving, but Tobe steals his ticket and Pucca has to get an autograph.


In Chang's dojo, a master named Hiel Kikyu arrives at Sooga Village to give a demonstration of his best martial arts moves. In the line of people Garu and his friends are waiting for the master but when the time to get in Garu has lost his ticket and Chang tells him that he can't go in, so Garu starts searching for his ticket. At that moment, Tobe appears with Garu's ticket.

Meanwhile, the show is starting and for the first act Chang ask for volunteers to help Kikyu do his act and Ssoso is chosen. The act is to shoot arrows, but Ssoso can't see the target so he throws the arrows at the spectators. Luckily, Master Kikyu saves them. Outside, Tobe and Garu are still fighting.

Ching suggests to Pucca if she can get the autograph because Garu isn't there and Pucca, agreeing, asks Kikyu if she can have his autograph. He says that he will if she can beat him in one of his demonstrations. The first

Pucca Funny Love Season1-Ep19-Pt3-Autograph This!-0

Pucca Funny Love Season1-Ep19-Pt3-Autograph This!-0

one is to guess where the grasshopper in his hand was after he uses a technique where he moves his hands incredibly fast, but the grasshopper ends up in Pucca's hand and, feeling jealous, he challenges her again. Meanwhile, Garu and Tobe are still fighting outside.

Pucca participates in a number of challenges and she beats Kikyu in all of them, causing him to feel more jealous and unwilling to accept that Pucca was stronger than him. For the last challenge, he stands upside down (using his hair) and has a hot coal lowered onto his feet, then has Dada lowered onto it. Abyo, unlike the rest of the crowd, is unimpressed and comments to Ching that he should do it with bees in his mouth, which he then does, claiming no one can touch him and refusing to sign. In the fight between Garu and Tobe, Tobe cuts the ticket in half, which makes Garu so angry that he kicks Tobe hard enough that the ceiling breaks and they up on Master Hiel Kikyu. Master Hiel Kikyu finally agrees, but before Pucca can give him the book she realizes that Tobe took the book from her after he landed, making Pucca super angry. She beats Tobe and takes back the book. Garu gets his autograph and Pucca gives him a kiss.