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Australian Man




Most likely 20 or older

Favorite food



Garu (adopted)


Garu (One-sided on Australian Man's side)


Garu (one-sided on Garu's side), Pucca

The Australian Man is a man from Australia who finds and adopts Garu. He unknowingly poisons Garu by several things, not knowing the danger he continuously puts Garu in. He may be based off of Steve Irwin.

At the beginning, he was sad for not having a son, then Garu (trying to escape from Pucca) ends up in a plane that sends him to Australia, where the Australian Man adopts him. Like all fathers, the man teaches his new son that he had to be a man, and puts Garu in various dangerous situations.

He took Garu to a game of rugby to transform him into a man, but Garu manages to escape. Pucca takes Garu to save him, but the Australian Man grabs a kangaroo to try and save his son. At the end, Pucca uses the second largest boomerang in the world to stop the man.


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