And the band Played Rong
Season 1, Episode 18A
Air date March 9, 2007
Written by Jack Alvino
Storyboard Kent Webb
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And the Band Played Rong Is the first part of the 18th episode of season 1 and is the 52nd episode overall.


The chefs make a band contest to find a person to make their TV commercial.


The chefs see a TV commercial promoting a noodle stand and Uncle Dumpling comes up with the idea to have their own jingle to help promote the Goh-Rong. They decide to hold auditions and the winner will play their song on the commercial. Pucca over hears this and starts a band with Ching.

The chefs started to judge the contestants' auditions. Meanwhile, Tobe finds out Garu will be auditioning and decides to ruin Garu's audition by humiliating him.

Pucca Funny Love Season 1-Ep18-Pt1-And The Band Played Rong-0

Pucca Funny Love Season 1-Ep18-Pt1-And The Band Played Rong-0

First Abyo sings badly and gets voted off. Then Master Soo comes on with a rap song and does a very strange dance with his maidens, making the chefs uncomforable. Then Muji comes with a heavy metal song but is quickly voted off. Santa sings a classical Hanukkah song but he doesn't finish because he gets voted off. Dada is voted off for not singing anything and wetting his pants.

Then Garu's turn finally comes with an erhu with but the chefs almost fall asleep. While Garu is playing, Tobe presses the button to activate the bombs but the ninjas mess with the cords so instead, he humiliates Garu by using a slam poem of how stupid he is. Meanwhile, Pucca and Ching were practicing and Ching asks Pucca to sing for their band. Abyo is walking in the gym where Pucca and Ching are. Pucca asks Abyo to be their singer. At first he refuses but eventually accepts. When Tobe called Pucca his "stupid girlfriend" Garu was angered and proceeds to fight with him with musical attacks. During the fight, Pucca, Ching, and Abyo (in a dress) starts to sing. The chefs and the crowd are  The commercial proves to be a success and the chefs say that they should have hired Pucca at the start.




  • The episode name is a reference of the 90's song called And the Band Played on.
  • Uncle Dumpling is shown to be quite moved by Master Soo hip hop song.
  • Garu can play the Erhu.
  • Tobe hates Garu playing his erhu more than he hates Garu.